Burchell's Marble Mellet

View reviews and photos of cinemas in Myanmar, Asia on TripAdvisor. It is the only application that has films about the theatre in Myanmar. The Myanmar film industry is like an old house that's almost collapsed. City Planning in Ghana, Myanmar, Philippines, Gaza, Mexico'. Burmese refugees are reviving the Smyrna Church.

Myanmar Film Recordings

Besides the many films made in Burma by local actors and filmmakers, some of the films were made in Burma, at least in part. Very few of them were actually made at the crime scenes, and most of them were located in Burma during the Second World War. The Golden Kingdom (2016) - a story about four orphaned young novices who live in a buddhistic convent in a secluded part of northeastern Burma.

Myanmar: Jump to the transition (2014)

As Jaden, who grew up in the USA, returned to his native Myanmar to look for his origins, he discovered a shockin' reality, a new kind of affection and finally a possible home town. Covert, sorrowful romance between two Myanmar young men had trouble in their lifelong companionship after being wed.

A group of immigrant people from Burma on the run from the conflict in their own countries in their quest for a new home in Thailand.

Myanmar mobiles Myanmar films and video

Mahar, a new portable tool, provides on-line view of Myanmar films and videotapes through its appe. Developed by Mahar Entertainment and telecommunications giants MPT, the Ks 99 per film and per clip during the promotional time. On June 27th, the Mynamar movie association hosted an opening ceremonies at which they brought their products to the massmarket with 4,000 films and clips that can be added one by one.

"Mahar Entertainmentmovies broadcast as a television station. With MPT, we have developed an on-line applications that allows audiences to use our cell-based service as the number of cellular subscribers increases daily," says a Mahar Cellular Applications officer. Nyi Nyi Tun Lwin, director of the kick-off session, said that the appeal is a perfect match for the growing number of people using smartphones and that such a service that makes it easier for people to watch films and video must be well-received.

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