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Don't call us Rohingya: Myanmar Hindus in Bangladesh abhor false marking

Cox' s Bazar: Hindus who have been expelled from Myanmar and currently residing in the Bangladesh flood shelters are called "Rohingya" - a word that is associated with Bengali Muslims who have been subjected to a string of raids for almost fourty years. In Cox' s Bazar's Kutupalong, the family of a campsite clearly asserts its own identities against the Rohingya, whose number in Bangladesh is now over 9akh.

"The Rohingya have tried to beat us, which is wrong, because they are a separate Muslim community," said a prisoner in the Surodhan Pal Fortress. Some 600 to 800 Hindu immigrants displaced from the recent riots in Myanmar's Rakhine state have been housed in aid centres in Kutupalong, 40 km southwest of Cox's Bazar.

Your choice to move to Cox's Bazar after the slaughter in a nearby Hindoo community in Fakirabazar was accelerated, where 86 people were reportedly dead. The Hindus were targetted, according to reported reports, after some communities refused HaY's bid to participate in missions against Myanmar's military forcings.

Hindus have the same dialects as Rohingya. It' is also known as "Chittagongia" and is also used in Cox's Bazar and the neighbouring neighbourhood. They both emigrated from Bangladesh a few years ago, in a settlement that originated in the colonisation age. Hindus' longing for their own identities results from their hostility towards the Rohingya and their chance of being returned to Myanmar.

Being labelled Rohingya could be a hurdle against the background of the chaos in Rakhine state and an apparently conscious Myanmar military policies to cut the number of Muslims in the area. Several hundred Hindus and Buddhists have reportedly returned to their homeland from the Sittwe and other places in the state of Rakhine.

In Kutupalong, the refugees' concerns about their own identities were shared last months by Hindu organizations in Yangon. U Hla Htun, a leading official of Sanatan Dharma Swayamsevak Sangh, denounced the attack of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (formerly HaY ) in an interrogation with The Irrawaddy and said that the word "Rohingya Hindu" never even exists in the Hindus' story in Myanmar.

Myanmar's Hindu populace was valued at about 8,20,000 in 2010, according to the American Pew Research Centre. Because of the historic links between Hinduism and Buddhism, Hindus have been much less discriminated against than Muslims. Hindus are holder of the "Green Card" in the state of Rakhine. The Rohingya have limited their living and working conditions, but they have not.

In Kutupalong, immigrants believe that the institutions in Myanmar would provide better housing than those in the Bangladesh camp, where the procedure for registering them has been very late. Accessibility to foods and medicine for the displaced people was tightened in the warehouses set up last year and in the early 90s.

Migration to India would only be envisaged if the Myanmar doors were closed out.

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