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Myanmar volunteering, free accommodation for a few hours of work. Burma is undergoing massive change and its tourist infrastructure is constantly improving. Self-drive in Myanmar - Myanmar Message Board Self-drive tours in Myanmar are the most interesting activity since the end of the 2014 monsun. There are Tachileik - Maesai Checkpoint, Kawthaung-Ranaung Checkpoint, Myawaddy - Maesot Checkpoint, Moreh - Tamu Checkpoint, Hteke -Phunaron Checkpoint and Ruili - Muse Boarder Checkpoint. In 2014 there were many self-drive tours to Myanmar by car/motorcycle.

Myawaddy - Maesot Border, Moreh - Tamu Border, Hteke -Phunaron Border and Ruili - Muse Border Checkpoint are the most used of these. For self-drive trips, the most important and necessary prerequisite is: It takes about 3 or 1 week or 1 months to apply for a self-drive trip permit in Myanmar.

You will need help from your nearest tourist agency for your trip approval. There will be some obligatory guidelines for self-drive. Normally all crossings open at 18:00 and close at 18:00. However Myawaddy - Mae Sot limit check-point recently prolong the arrival and departure in 05:00Am - 08:00PM.

You will need help from your hosts to plan and approve your trip locally. Catch a self-drive trip in Myanmar!

United Nu | Myanmar Premier

Former Thakin Nu U Nu (born May 25, 1907, Wakema, Burma[Myanmar] - died February 14, 1995, Yangon), Burma's independent chief and premier of Myanmar (formerly Burma) from 1948 to 1958 and from 1960 to 1962. He graduated from Rangoon University (Yangon) in 1929 with a B.A. in Economics.

In 1934 he went back to college to go to law school, became chairman of the Rangoon Studentenwerk and joined major international organizations. He was expelled and the young Aung San's from the campus in 1936 led to a students' striket.

1943 U Nu was serving as secretary of state in the pro-Japanese Ba Maw administration. After the murder of Aung San, the most important Nazi ruler, U Nu was asked to become chief of the Burmese People's Anti-Fascist Freedom League (AFPFL) and leadership of Burma's main opposition group. In January 1948, when Myanmar became independent, U Nu became Myanmar's first premier and ministered for 10 years, with only a brief spell in 1956-57.

Though U Nu was a capable and eminent statesman, his administration was afflicted by communicationist and ethnical uprisings, economical stasis and bureaucratic inefficiencies. Its 1948 Pyidawtha (welfare program) contained a Land Nationalization Act, but its attempts to raise people's standards of livelihood were frustrated by the scale of the damages caused by the conflict and the decline in travel which was one of Myanmar's main currency resources.

He kept his political parties in place after they won general election in 1952 and 1956. He was one of the founding fathers of the Nonaligned Movement in the 1950'. He retired from his office as premier in 1958 and a "janitor" administration took over under the leadership of General Ne Win. After the reestablishment of parliament in 1960, U Nu became premier again after his political group won the poll.

However, in March 1962, Ne Win carried out a coup d'état by setting up a army rule and sending U Nu to jail. After being released from jail, U Nu Myanmar (1969) abandoned Myanmar and began organising a rebellion against the Ne Win state. He settled in India when this move was unsuccessful, but in 1980 he was invited by Ne Win to return to Myanmar.

U Nu came back to Rangoon in July 1980 to become a Buddhist friar. It made an insuccessful offer of support for the Force after pro-democracy protests overthrew the Ne Win administration in 1988.

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