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Myanmar pensions and benefits. Are you living or working in Myanmar? Are you planning on doing it? That can affect your pension and benefits, including child benefit. Whether you are legally required to pay income tax in Myanmar has little to do with the visa issued to you at the airport.

What is the recommended length of stay in Myanmar?

Myanmar's great thing is that even in the big towns you can get away from the masses of tourists and get connected with the local cultures, customs and population. It is best to settle in Yangon or Mandalay, which have airport and dive into the city and its area.

Besides the famed couples and colorful monuments, the town offers an astonishing art scenery, great food and delightful country towns within a brief boating distance. Mandalay's suburbs are home to old capital cities with impressive remains, luxuriant walking and biking trails and a former UK mountain base less than 2 hrs away, perfect for a full-day outing or a night's accommodation.

Bagan, only 3.5 hrs from Mandalay International Airport, is another great place to stay if you are interested in Buddhism and architectural sightseeing. You can also enjoy cultural and cultural inheritance on a mini-break by connecting two neighbouring places that can be reached by street. When you fly to Mandalay, Bagan is the natural destination, as it is only a 4-hour ride between these two former capital cities.

When your destination is Yangon, a shore excursion to Hpa An or the historical Mawlamyine is a good option. Situated less than 6hrs from Yangon, their tranquil towns and luxuriant scenery are in sharp contrasts with the hustle and bustle of Myanmar's biggest town. If you are interested in Buddhism, a visit to the Golden Rock, Myanmar's most sacred place, is a great complement to a Yangon outing.

Some travel tips for 5 days: The Myanmar tour is a great way to get a fast but informative induction. Instead of trying to achieve the four objectives, it is advisable to concentrate on two or three areas. Mandalay should be at the top of your shortlist if you're interested in story.

The Bagan is perfect for those who are eager to explore Myanmar's spirit and unbelievable architectural heritage. A two-night stay in three different locations or 3-4 overnight stays in two areas lead to a restful yet everlastingĀ vacation. Some travel tips for 6-8 days: Only nine whole pages are needed to visit all "Big Four"-pages.

It' going to be a quick journey, but you'll be on the road in any place for at least a whole full of time. In a few more get-togethers you can either speed down the speed in these important travel locations or take an extra-urban tour to a lesser-known place like Pindaya, Pyin Oo Lwin or Mt Popa.

Some travel tips for 9-12 days: Stay in the Big Four and take an interurban or full length Mandalay-Bagan tour. You can also extend the picturesque Hpa An and Mawlamyine in the north, the Shan Highlands for hiking adventure at Pyin Oo Lwin and Kyauk Me, take a flight to the old Mrauk U remains or end your voyage with a seaside retreat.

Myanmar has exactly what you're looking for. Some travel tips for 13 nights and more:

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