Myanmar Yangon Travel Guide

Yangon Myanmar travel guide

In any case, you should spend a whole day in Yangon to visit the truly breathtaking Shwedagon Pagoda. You' re shocked in Yangon, Myanmar' s Shwedagon Pagoda. It is Myanmar's largest city and the economic and cultural centre of Myanmar. Time in Yangon and Mandalay and visit the famous temples of Bagan. Here is our list of private guides in Yangon, Myanmar.

Yangon, Burma's trading capitol (Myanmar), is a convincing mixture of gold palagodas, colorful architectural styles, rashly built scaffolds and historic highways.

Yangon, Burma's trading capitol (Myanmar), is a convincing mixture of gold palagodas, colorful architectural styles, rashly built scaffolds and historic highways. Yangon's avenues, medias and defenders of the law are clogged with new automobiles, and businessmen and visitors flock to the town in the hope of making a dollar and taking a look at a town that seems to be caught in it.

Until Burma's 1948 Independence, Yangon was the UK Colon Capitol and until 2005 the capitol of the sovereign state. (The formal capitol is now Naypyidaw). Situated at the junction of two streams just before they flow into the Andaman Sea, it has a large harbor - the most important harbor in the state - and a much-needed sea breezing.

It can get very warm and very humid; the hottest period of the year is from February to June with moderate elevated temps around 40°C, while the monsoon strikes from June to October. From November to February the mean air temp is around 30°C and is by far the best travel period due to the bad winter conditions.

It is home to most of the undamaged Asian settlements, although some dispute the notion of" intact". Poorly preserved, fractured structures mirror a colorful story while at the same time forming the background for the pulsating energies of Yangon's everyday streets. Yangon's tourism facilities are strenuous, while blackouts are widespread, trails imitate debris and important things like accessing the web are at best still untrustworthy luxury.

There are plenty of coupons, but none are as popular as the one that sits on a mound in the centre of Yangon: Yangon is home to one of the two major airfields to travel to Burma and may cause some cultural shocks and reverence. Firstly, you may be appalled at how terrible the road is; the bad road conditions are exacerbated by an old bill that makes two-wheeled cars in the town illegally.

That' s right: an Asiatic town of almost 5 million inhabitants does not allow motorcycles or bikes to be driven lawfully, although mad aliens seem to be excluded from the rules. Take your leisure to gradually discover the corners and corners of the town, as they contain some of the most stunning parts of the town' s past and present; stay in teashops and get to know the exquisite regional food.

State-run rides such as the Drug Elimination Museum give insights into longstanding community powers, or go to the Bogyoke Aung San and the nocturnal Fishmarket. The Yangon has not much of a vibrant nocturnal life; the cultural life is rather traditional, although Yangon offers many more possibilities to relax than even places like Mandalay.

Those who can't deal with towns for too long can take day and week-end trips, such as biking tours through gum orchards, towns and to the Golden Rock pit an hours outside of the city. Myanmar's inhabitants alone make a trip to Myanmar worthwile. Yangoonie in general is inquisitive, open and willing to make a gag.

You' re still going to be meeting someone who is really interested in meeting you and sharing their story; sometimes at an alarming fast pace you will find out their politics and their story.

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