Myanmar Yangon Photos

Yangon Myanmar Photos

Both in Mandalay and in Yangon there are meditation retreats. Use this guide to bookmark the most beautiful photo galleries in town and increase your chances of capturing the beauty of Yangon with a fresh pair of eyes. You will find the best free pictures about Yangon-Myanmar. You can download all photos and use them for commercial projects. Take a look at the pictures of Scott Hostel in Yangon.

Intragram of 20 photos to love Myanmar

It has its just portion of UNESCO world heritage places, gilded palagodas and breath-robbing sundowns. These are 20 instagram photos you will long for Myanmar. These arcs are great for framed photos like this, but this template has corners and edges where you can get astray. Yangon's flats are so colourful that you can see them when they stand next to each other.

ROMANTIQUE, FILTY romantique, filty, historic.... anything you can think of Yangon. Myanmar's most lyrical sight is the observation of chestnut-brown friars strolling barefooted through a convent or cloister. Both in Mandalay and in Yangon there are retreat meditations. They can see many Myanmar peagodas, but each has a history and a purpose for a particular town or state.

It is a beautiful place in Mingun, whitewashed. Myanmar's architectural style is quite impressing. You' ll love taking boating trips to see this. The men use trawl gear and rowing with their legs to power the vessel. When you are fortunate (or unfortunate, as you see it) enough to come to Myanmar during the April Thurgyan Day, you will be witnessing how all over the land throw waters at each other to erase the sin of the past year.

With a few bucks, visitors take a barge with local teas, coffees, tea leaves and a funny trip on Myanmar's most popular and important water. The Saddam Caves in Hpa-An are in the state of Kayin. That huge cavern is stunning. Featuring tens of buddhas at the door, a few interior couples and many galactites, the cavern opens onto a pond and a beautiful hill overlook.

You can either take a ferry through the caves or hike back through the caves. Gokteik Viaduct is one of Myanmar's historic viaducts. When you thought Myanmar was all a pagoda, temple and shrine, you thought not. Today Yangon has been growing fast to house a vibrant night life world.

In the north-west of Myanmar, Chin State is full of nature's beautiful. If you are fortunate enough to make the hike to Mindat or Hnahthial, you will find such star-laden attractions here. Who' thought Myanmar would have such great adventure outdoors?

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