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Myanmar and International Aviation/Flight/Airlines News can be found on this website. This airport locator is a very useful tool if you plan to travel to Yangon or any other city in Myanmar. Get there comfortably by booking private transfers between Yangon Airport and your destination. Yangon Airport Road, Mingaladon Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Myanmar KFC (Yangon International Airport) | Myanmar Restaurant Guide | KFC Myanmar is a well-known store in Myanmar.

New Yangon Airport inaugurated by Asia World

The Asia World Group has opened the first stage of a new airport in Yangon, which can carry up to 20 million people a year once it is completed. The Yangon Aerodrome Company Limited (YACL), a wholly owned division of Asia World, completed the airport in less than two years and completed the operation in good timing to become one of the last assets of the departing city.

Thein Sein opened the T1 on March 12 in one of his last official presidential performances as his five-year tenure comes to an end. Burma and Myanmar will be the first to move into the new airport, said civil servants, with the airline's first flight planned for March 20.

Yangon's current global Yangon facility, also operated by the Asia World Group, will be renamed T2. The work on a new indoor station has already started and a plan for an "Airport City" with a culture center, restaurants, hotels, industrial and retailing areas is being prepared. Asia World, which is on the US blacklist, was selected to construct the $660 million in 2013 in conflicting conditions - the bidding panel did not give it the highest rating and favored an offer from a Japanese-based syndicate, as the Wall Street Journal reports last year.

Answering a call for proposals issue, Myanmar Times Myanmar Times Projectmanager Jerzy Wilk said the firm had no input into the DCA's decisions and that the call for proposals was open to the general public. No. The DCA has no control over the bid. U Htun Myint Naing, Chairman of the National Council of Airports (YACL), who also bears the name Steven Law, said in a address on 12 March that the airport construction presented the airport with several major problems.

It operates with little available floor area - a large part of the area around the airport is occupied by army facilities and playing fields. Singapore's CPG Corporation, which created the world-class Singapore Changi Airport, assisted in the engineering and styling, as did Surbana, Mr. Law said in his address. About 88 pieces to Myanmar in Yangon.

According to YACL the number of passengers rose from 1.99 million in 2010 to 4.68 million in 2015. The number of week-on-week intercontinental services from Yangon rose 3.88-fold between 2010 and 2015. Twenty eight major carriers are now flying to Yangon and a number of others have already approved new services - Emirates will be flying to Dubai every day in August and Hong Kong Express will be leaving this year.

According to Sulaiman Zainul Abidin, YACL's CEO, YACL has planned 8 million flights via the airport in three years. In May last year, Singapore Myanmar Investco concluded a 10-year contract with the DFS Group for the development and operation of duty-free shops at Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw Aiports.

The 7800 sqm sales area with 50 sales points and 3400 sqm in 16 different venues was put out to bid. The KFC has already established its own airport basement and is planning to open at the end of this months, Mr Abidin said.

Whereas Asia World Group and Mr. Law are on the US Special District Nationals listing, YACL is not. Corporate officers did not state how KFC was able to subscribe with the group, and KFC's grassroots partners Yoma Strategic had not answered any queries until then. In spite of the penalties, the airport is open to free movement of goods under the US Treasury Department's General License 20 granted in December.

More than most of the penalized enterprises, Mr. Law has profited from the licence, which also allows trading via his Yangon docks. Aiming to promote trading, the licence does not include dealings between Asia World and US businesses that go beyond the "ordinary incidents" of trading, said Office of Foreign Assets Control officers at a December press conference.

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