Myanmar Yangon 2016

Yangon 2016

September 2016 weather reports in Yangon, Myanmar with ups and downs. Myanmar Lonely Planet (2017) + DK Eyewitness: Response 1 of 40: Hello, I want to travel to either Mandalay or Yangon for Thingyan in 2016. Yangon's biggest running festival and the only marathon event in town is back! We' ll spend one day each in Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan, starting with Myanmar's advertising.

The Thingyan ("Waterproof") April 2016 Bagan /Mandalay /Yangon - Myanmar Message Board

Hello, I want to go to either Mandalay or Yangon for Thingyan in 2016. I' ll probably arrive by plane to Yangon or Mandalay on Wednesday, April 13 (or maybe Thursday, April 14). When I go to Mandalay, is there a way to get to Bagan on Friday, April 15 or Saturday, April 16, e.g. rail, coach or canoe?

But I can't buy an overpriced cab. Will there be busses again until Sunday, 17 April? Thought of taking a coach from Bagan to Yangon (and then Yangon to Ngwe Saung). Mandalay-Bagan, usually there is no coach during the aquatic year. You' re better off going to Yangon than Mandalay.

There are more opportunities than taking a Mandalay, bus or rail. The water is already very low! There is a similar issue, we are flying to Yangon on 15 April and want to stay there for a few nights, but on 17 April (night train) or on 18 April (during the day) to Mandalay.

Which is Yangon where most festivals take place? I' d like to be right in front of the scenes, there are a dozen of video clips, there are lots of theaters around Yangon's famous lakeside, every city centre resort will be fine, only Yangon's Googlestels. I' ve just purchased my Yangon ticket from 14th to 17th Apr, I' m planning to go to Bagan.

I have no clue how to get to Bagan now. The best way is to take the airplane to Bagan (in my case Yangon to Bagan)..... Will the Bagan Temple be open during the ceremony? I didn't know that the water festival also took place in Myanmar and as such can't get coach- and airfares to Bagan from Yangon.

  • Yangon real estate forecasted for 2016 rebound..... maybe

After the post-2010 elections booming, the property industry is in a slump, but markets are looking forward to better days after the reign. Yangon's property values rose after the 2010 elections, driven by the hope of an economy booming after decade-long periods of rest.

Following the peak in 2013-2014, the aftermath of the old wisdom that what goes up must come down, say Yangon Movers. Since the end of 2014, the housing markets have been restrained for various reason. During the last few month of 2015, some home buyers could no longer sell at peak price and below the current price, said Sai Khung Noung, who owned the Sai Khung Noung Company, a land agent.

Mr. Ko Nyi Nyi Nyi Zaw of the service provider Real Estate Doctor said that there is no real estate market with a price over 50 million K (approx. 38,500 US$). One of the reasons for the break-in, Sai Khung Noung said, was that the National League for Democracy is awaiting the appointment of the state. On the other hand, most owner-occupied housing has been constructed on state real estate under developer agreements that provide for the restitution of ownership to the state after 50 or 70 years.

"Initially, the inmates did not fully appreciate the bid agreements for freehold apartments, but now they do so freehold apartment sales are blunt," said Sai Khung Noung. Another cause for the fear of the markets was said by some realtors to stop a luxurious high-rise apartment and other plans on formal militarily used property near the Shwedagon Pagoda.

News Watch has cited Yangon Town Development Committee (YCDC) member Khin Hlaing as saying that he wanted to stop the scheme because it violated the city's demand that the building should not be higher than the Shwedagon Pagoda. However, there is cause for hope. Myanmar Real Estate Services Association General Secreter Daw Moh Moh Aung said Frontier thought the housing markets would rewarm after the Home Ownership Act was adopted because laws would allow foreign buyers to buy condos.

"Burma is much more calculable after the election, which helps us make choices rather than waiting," said Balaji Ramaswami, CEO of the property website, United States. "Now that the new European Union has started its work, we can look forward to a lively market," he said. Both Sai Khung Noung and Daw Moh Moh Aung said they were expecting an increase in political instability under an NLD administration that would also result in better marketing opportunities.

Providers of housing services are concerned that the slump in the Chinese equity markets and the effects of such a trend on the Southeast Asian markets could have a detrimental effect on housing in Myanmar.

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