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The BBC World Service - The documentary, Myanmar's sex poll

Aung San Suu Kyi detained women sexual offenders who were criminalized by Myanmar's tough antiprostitution legislation when they were detained by Daw Sander Min for her National League for Democracy work. Sandar Min is now a member of the Min Assembly and Thuzar Win speaks to the House on account of the Myanmar sexual worker community, and they have come together to make life better for the population.

It is so important that, as Daw Sandar Min says: "I am not embarrassed to take the floor. Thin Lei Win, a Yangon based reporter, finds out how Sandar Min and Thuzar Win are making progress in their efforts to change the law 70 years ago. It discusses with healthcare practitioners, policy makers, attorneys and young adults - some of them women sexual labourers - the differences this would make for them.

A young lady, confused with a sexual labourer and detained for six month, says whoever changes the bill will get her voice.

Myanmar prohibits first sexual information journal

Burma's first sexuality educational journal has taken a giant leap for the country's banning senators with its photographs of sparsely dressed girls and advices on sleeping undercover. "Hnyo " was drawn after only one edition because it was assumed that it had taken a chance beyond its function as a "fashion" journal, its publisher Ko Oo Swe said to the AFP on Thursday.

This is the first release to be withdrawn since the end of decade-long army domination in early 2011. One of the more risky books published after the removal of the censor before its release in August, which was a trademark of the former junta's lives, Hnyo translated as "enchanting" or "hypnotizing".

Aung Kyi, Information Secretary, said Hnyo has gone too far by releasing "near pornography", according to the New Light of Myanmar, the country's leading English-language newspaper. Another six publishers - the Farmer, Ad World, Myanandar, High Speed Car, New Blood and Aesthetics - were cautioned that some of their contents were "irrelevant" and would be subject to monitoring for a period of one months, according to the survey.

Burma's audio-visual industry is flourishing under a new, quasi-civilian administration that, after years of restriction, is generating enormous public outreach. From 1 April, it will be possible for publishers to submit everything from fairy tales to songs in the run-up to last year, which makes it even easier to censor them.

It is hoped to strengthen the journal's contents with a stronger emphasis on topics such as HIV infection control, sex work and combating gender abuse. "I' m trying to get a new license as a healthcare magazine," he said.

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