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Burma Accelerator Formerly known as Asia's rice bowl, Myanmar is re-establishing itself in the global market after many years of insulation. Myanmar occupies a uniquely strong economical base with its envious geographical situation between China and India, a wealth of cultural wealth and cultural diversity with over 135 different people. There is a rapid improvement in the operating climate. Myanmar's citizens are driven by ambition and willingness to realize the full power of Burma's entrepreneurship and turn one issue after another into a success story. Better accessibility to investment and expertise will enable companies to further develop their operations and exert more influence on their respective community.

Simultaneously, there is a rising number of potential buyers looking for companies that are both lucrative and effective in society. You have a sustainable and scaleable company that needs an initial capital expenditure to grow? You are a forward-thinking businessman who is committed to Myanmar?

Throughout the programme, attendees will be given in-depth training by seasoned native and foreign businessmen and professionals on how to successfully expand their businesses. The programme provides practical experience and guidance from Nepali and Dutch entrepreneurial minds and professionals. Personnel and Teammodevelopment The speed-up programme contains a part that focuses on personnel and teamdevelopment as well as on supporting the orientation of the company's monetary and regulatory structures.

formulate a clear and comprehensible businessplan. CLIENT DEVELOPMENT Identification, review and description of the most important transaction premises. COMUNICATION TRINING comunication trining Development of the necessary abilities to be able to communicate with your clients and your clients. Presentation of your company to your clients and prospective clients. Implementation of an easy-to-understand and easy-to-understand system of controlling and reporting for multinational companies.

We' ve been implementing the programme every year since 2014, have built up an expansive mentoring and partnership ecosystem and have created a platform that will strengthen the skills and visions of businesses to help them thrive. We also provide businesses that are willing to invest with immediate financial support and a large investor base.

In particular, we are encouraging businesses that offer cutting-edge products for challenging industries such as nutrition & farming, healthcare and power to join our programme. It is important that the business has high scalability in order to achieve a greater lower level of populations and greater environmental impacts.

To start, you must be an employer with a business in Myanmar. We do, however, appreciate your dedication to the programme and if you are able to stay three evenings a week in Yangon, you are welcome to submit your application regardless of where you come from.

Because our programme is very intensive, we are looking for companies that are committed and really ready to speed up their work. They must show a high level of scalability in a company that also has an effect. Depending on the contents of the course, the minimal duration of your engagement can be between two and three afternoon's per weeks.

However, you may need to invest more in the last phases of the programme. To help you get the most out of the programme, we are looking primarily for successful businesses. It is financed by a revolutionary funds. If a businessman is financed by foreign shock investor, he reimburses the proportional programme cost from the protected investmen.

As a result, the programme will be able to use these resources to fund the next programme. WHAT IS THE WORLD IN MYANMAR LIKE? Together they are creating a truly one-of-a-kind chance that is growing structurally: - The number of proposals that are "ready to invest". - Mutual comprehension between domestic businessmen and multinational investor. - The number of (impact) capital expenditures.

WHAT MONEY DO I GET AFTER THE PROGRAMME? HOW DOES THIS ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME WORK? Types of investments are capital and foreign direct investments (FDI). Throughout the programme you will focus on preparation for the investments through special training and mentors who will help you communicate and bargain the amount you need.

HOW DOES THIS ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME WORK? Each $1 spent on the programme generates more than $10 in "ready to invest" offers.

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