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The International Organization for Migration

Made in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population of the Government of Myanmar, the Make Migration Work video sequence is in line with the country's effort to improve migrants' accessibility to information on employment offices and migrant resource centres, also featured in the film. Eight Make Migration Work video clips comprise four narratives, each from two different angles.

Each video is in Burmese, with a runtime of less than four-minute. This page contains a user-friendly chats feature that takes the user through a range of migration-related issues and provides the information they need. 3 ] Human traffic from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to Thailand (2017), pp. 103-105.

4 ] UNODC, Human Traffic to Thailand from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (2017), p. 108. 6 ] UNODC, Human Trade from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to Thailand (2017), p. 137.

Burmese unrest: The video shows that the policemen do not stop the assault.

In the meantime, in reaction to recent reform, the EU should determine whether to remove the penalties against Burma. Brussels is thought to have confirmed, despite reservations about the handling of minority groups, that the penalties that were dropped a year ago will now be finally overturned. British Foreign Secretary William Hague said this was the right moment to remove all condemnations against Burma on a permanent basis, with the exception of the weapons embargo. 6.

At the EU Ministerial Conference in Luxembourg, Mr Hague said he had met with Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the EU parliamentary party, who had approved the suspension of sentences. Penalties cover the freeze of funds of more than 1,000 Burmese businesses, traveller limits for civil servants and a prohibition on EU investments in many areas.

However, some groups have cautioned that the penalties should not be removed until the regime has addressed matters such as the recent acts of force against Muslims. In a single blast you can see the policemen escort Moslem wives and kids from their houses on fire. An argument in a Moslem goldshop on March 20 is said to have triggered the conflict when a conflict with a Tibetan pair turned into a war.

There followed an assault on a Buddhist friar who later passed away in prison. It seemed that the message of this event had triggered enduring local authority power. As a result, the force extended to other cities and resulted in the curfew. There will be studies on many other Muslims and Buddhists.

Ethnical cleansing' of Buddhism and Muslims broke out in another part of Burma, the state of Rakhine, last year after the raping and killing of a young Tibetan women in May. There are thousands of refugees, mainly members of the Stateless Rohingya group. Human Rights Watch (HRW), a New York-based organization, presented a Monday update providing clear proof of the government's involvement in ethnical purges and human rights violations against Muslims in Rakhine state.

He said HRW also detected four massive gravesites in Rakhine State, which he said had been used by law enforcement agencies to crush proof of the crime. However the assertions of Win Myaing, a federal spokesperson for Rakhine State were dismissed, AP press agency according.

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