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You can add this video to your website by copying the following code. The Myanmar Movie-Tha Man Wun Pa Luway-Min Thitsar, Nyi Htut Khound, Pwint Nadi Maung. Discover Myanmar profile at Times of India. Find out why Myanmar Burma Rohingya Muslim Girl Raped Indian porn videos. THE GENOCIDE CONTINUES: MYANMAR'S DESTRUCTION OF THE RHINGYA.

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Rohingya: Video's allegedly showing burnt corpses, Myanmar PD kids getting killed.

In Myanmar, where Islam and Buddhism meet, tens of thousand distressed Moslem homes are underway. Some 300,000 Rohingya civilists have escaped to Bangladesh since the end of August. A lot of deaths have occurred in the attempt to get out, among them kids and toddlers. But disturbed relations pull bodies of deceased babies out of the river - according to Myanmar policemen killed alive during the cross.

" In the last two week he has obtained a lot of video from Rohingya civilists and a small number of reporters. "He said that some 30,000 prisoners are being held in the mountains far from Bangladesh. "Satellite images show that since 25 August tens of thousand Rohingya houses have gone up in smoke.

"We see the burning of towns on an unprecedented scale," Kayleigh Long, a free-lance Rohingya reporter, said to Lateline. "In many cases there are accounts of men running, the armies shooting at random; men just running away with what they have, and in many cases everything is burnt.

" Mr Sha says this tape, shot by Myanmar TV, shows his own children's home going up in smoke. "Mr. Sha said he didn't know if these men were still here. Approximately 1,000 Rohingya have been slaughtered in the last two wards. Myanmar's government says Rohingya are going to burn down their own houses.

Deakin University' s research on the Rohingya, Ronan Lee, said the present state would be terrible for common Rohingya citizens in Rakhine State. "Myanmar will conduct their eviction operations until they choose it is to stop them," he said.

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