Myanmar X Model

Burma X model

The Myanmar Beautiful Model, Ei Nu Wai. Section of the speech Tagging for Myanmar with Hidden Markov Model. Citizenship Certificate of Myanmar Nation- als. EPIC simulation of the yield potential of Chinese super hybrid rice in Bangladesh, India and Myanmar. The study projects Myanmar's export potential using a gravitational model.

New Nissan models to be launched in Myanmar

Nissan, the major automaker in Japan, is planning to bring a newly designed Nissan Sunny to market in Myanmar by the end of this year. On its website, the firm opened a registry system for interested clients with an invite to introduce the products at a site in Yangon to be located. "We have a schedule, but we can't say for sure it can be August or October when the vehicle debuts," said Nissan Myanmar spokesman Sai Mon.

In February, Nissan Motor Co Ltd. announces that it will start installing new vehicles in Myanmar for the first reason this year, in cooperation with the Tan Chong Motor Group from Malaysia. According to the Bago plant, production is making good progress.

"We are pleased to launch a field-mounted model, but we want to make sure that the qualitiy of the field-mounted cars is upheld. Experienced Myanmar staff at our Malaysian factory have been given the chance to go home and apply their expertise to Myanmar," said Sai Mon.

In 2013, Nissan began to sell cars in Myanmar. Our latest products include the X-Trail Sport Vehicle, Altima Limousine, Navara Pick-up, NV350 Urvan van and Cubilian Mini Bus. The Sunny will be included in the programme for domestic productions.

Efficiency of a new lung TB detection policy for domestic contact in Myanmar. - The pubmed

There are different domestic policies for tracking lung TBs. PURPOSE: To benchmark the cost of identifying a case of T.B. in domestic relations between different tracking policies in Mandalay City, Myanmar. Previous modifications to the traditional model include screenings for sign and symptom of T.B., testing for sperms and sputums for positives and symptom, and radiographs of the breast (CXR) for negatives.

One intervention model involved CXR, antisputum testing for CXR abnormalities and Xpert MTB/RIF testing for those with adverse outcomes. Estimates in each model were layered by

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