Myanmar X Factor

Burma X Factor

Burma also imported international brands such as X-Factor and Myanmar Idol. Unite Chit, X Factor Myanmar Judge, singer, composer, producer, is here to sing for #Myanmar. In Yangon, Myanmar, two international hotels have just opened their doors. Fox's "The X Factor" season finale. Yes, Myanmar definitely has an X factor that Nepal and Tibet still have.

Victory doesn't take everything.

It' better not to be a winner in some of Burma's vocal competition. Nowadays in Myanmar, the way to get to the top is fast and simple (see next story). What about vocal recitals? Television vocal recitals are not new in Myanmar. As early as 1998 the family saw "So Kya Mal, Pyaw Kya Mel" (literally "Let's Sing, Let's Cachinnate"), broadcast on militarily monitored Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV).

Following the transitional period, the television broadcast singing events were booming. 2012 "Eain Mat Sone Yar" ("Where Dreams Meet") went on TV. Burma also imports internationally renowned labels such as X-Factor and Myanmar Idol. This is not just a competition, but a nationwide one. But none of the coronated king or queen of these tournaments found its public after it had won the tournament.

"It won't last forever and folks will soon overlook you when a tournament ends," says Ko Thang Thang, one of the top 10 participants in the second series of Eain Mat Sone Yar, Yar Thet Pan. Although beaten, Thang Thang set an example with his first record "A Shoe Does't Fit Me".

"When I was in class six I took part in a children's song competition'Starlet's Sky'", says Hnin Pwint Phyu Oo "I only won second prize". This was also her destiny in "Eain Mat Sone Yar", where she could not manage to secure the first-place. This year she is going to record an LP, the one who won the "Eain Mat Sone Yar" won't.

In Myanmar, it seems to be much better to lose than to win. "The" Irene Zinmar Myaint, who was not even among Melody World's top 5 at the moment, said: "Singing Contest can link you to a community of fans. He' s defeated all the competition he's taken part in, but he's relentless in pursuing his dreams.

If Zaw Khun is a laureate will be determined by the Myanmar people.

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