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One older grandmother (Youn Yuh-boy) is drinking booze herself and complaining about the shortage of men in the town. Then she throws her boot on a statue of wood and taps off what seems to be a little stick. As the older girl lifts her woody nostrils, all of a sudden the blast breaks out, a group of well-equipped men seems willing to satiate her.

Their noses go around the town and become more and more annoying for the people. Then the villager decided to stick his woody nostrils in an old vine cellar and buried them forever in the woods. Bong Tae-Gyu (Byun Gang-Soe) is selling ricecake in the town. It' so small that Byun Gang-Soe has become a kind of point for the girls in the town.

From Byun Gang-Soe's point of view, people' lives will be different when a likeable old sage man tells him about a particular old winebottle that' sunk in the woods, and about the particular power he can draw when he sips it.

Myanmar's Hardline Buddhists

Mobeen Azhar, a BAFTA award winner, is travelling to Myanmar to examine the devastating link between Islam and infiltration. Although Buddhism is often associated with doctrines of non-violence and sympathy, in Myanmar hard-line Sudanese Buddhists are accused of instigating force against the stateless Rohingya group. He reveals how ultra-nationalist groups like Ma Ba Tha and the Mynamar Nacionalist Network fight for regional and ethnical cleanliness and fuel fear of the perceived'Islamization' of the state.

Azhar is investigating the smouldering ethical and interfaith pressures that underlie this continuing struggle through talks with top players such as the disputed Nazi leader Win Ko Ko Ko Latt and Ashin Wirathu, the Minister of Religion of Burma, Thura Aung Ko, and the affected nation.

starts in Myanmar

In Myanmar, Canal+ has formally started its operations in collaboration with Forever. There are nearly 80 new genre channel offerings, eight of which are Canal+ branded, designed specifically for the area. And Canal+ said it would open its own shops in the UK and also work with them.

It is working on wireless payments that allow users to log in and purchase the services. According to the pay-TV channel, the start is in line with its policy of expanding its services into high-growth countries, quoting statistics that the Myanmar economies are currently expanding at a pace of around 7%.

Burma has a global human populace of about 55 million people. The Forever Group is a key actor in free TV in Myanmar and started a payment TV services in 2006. It will be broadcast via the country's digitised television networks and via satellites in cooperation with the state television station MRTV.

There are several interna-tional distribution platforms available via this network. A year ago, Canal+ for the first time announces that it has joined forces with Forever to start a televised pay-TV operation in the state.

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