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Relations between China and Myanmar relate to international relations between the People's Republic of China and Myanmar. The MSF continued to work with the Ministry of Health to ensure care for HIV and TB patients, primary health care and vaccinations. The National Conference on Municipalities and Tourism in Kalaw. Germany has resumed its activities in Myanmar after a break of almost twenty years.


The Karuna Mission Solidarity (KMSS) was created in 2001 and works for those who live in one of the impoverished Asian nations, where over a third of the world' s inhabitants live in extreme poverty. 2. KMSS was initiated and commissioned by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Myanmar (CBCM) as a welfare agency for the impoverished and destitute, based on the Catholic doctrine of "Option for the Poor".

Special areas of the Church's missions focus on Integral Human Development (IHD), equity and peacemaking, environment, education, healthcare and HIV/AIDS, living expenses, welfare, human rights and disaster-reliefs. cyclone Nargis ravaged Ayeyarwady and Yangon regions of Myanmar in 2008, destroyed tens of thousand houses and companies, left more than two million vulnerable and caused a $10 billion-loss.

KMSS has been one of the leading grassroots relief organizations for internally displaced persons affected by the violent clash between the Kachin military and the Kachin community since 2011. His preventive and educational programs help those who live with HIV to be included in the world of work.

Independant Confederation of Switzerland's Developers

Every year we are changing the life of over three million deprived persons. Our work covers the following areas: research and innovation, research and innovation, research and innovation, health, water and wastewater, food and agricultural policy, educational, economic and democratic systems, and environmental and climatic issues. Just as we work to provide safe drinkable waters for our young communities, so too can we help to provide safe drinkable waters for the family.

Burma right groups say that Facebook has put in jeopardy thousand, argue Mark Zuckerberg

In Myanmar, potentially threatening the lives of tens of thousands in" inadequate" efforts to suppress on-line hatred speeches, say citizens' groups. Six civic and non-governmental organisations on Thursday openly accused Facebook of allegingly easing publicity and false information that contributed to fomenting Myanmar's alleged massacre - and refuted recent allegations by co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg that his campaign against the Rohingya congregation in Myanmar's West had actually turned off the theses.

In a broad based conversation with Vox on Monday, Zuckerberg commended his company's reaction to the anti-Rohingya recommendation that spread last September through Facebook Messenger mail. "It was surprising to learn that you are using this case to commend the efficacy of your'systems' related to Myanmar.

We' re stopping those reports of going through,' Zuckerberg said. "According to the open letter, the news sent out last September was circulated for day before Facebook became attentive to it - and Facebook only became attentive to it after the right-wing organisations sent e-mails escalating the news to employees on the corporate networks.

"It was surprising to learn that you are using this case to commend the efficacy of your'systems' related to Myanmar. Where we are standing, this case illustrates the exact opposite of efficient moderation," writes Phandeeyar, a technical laboratory for innovations, and five other groups in the cover note. Facebook news depicted in the cover story warns of an imminent assault and warns members of Myanmar's Islamic minorities not to remain vigilant everywhere.

Without the report feature on the Facebook Messenger site, there was no way to stop the news, the writers of the post said. In the meantime, it took more than four day from the time of the crisis to get to you, reaching tens if not even tens of thousands," the Brief added.

Facebook's involvement in the spread of information misuse in Myanmar has become one of the most vulnerable issues for the community based enterprise, which is already facing a wide range of controversy - especially how information for dozens of million people is being used by a database analytics organization linked to President Donald Trump's camp.

Markzuki Darusman, chair of the U.N. Independent International Fact-Finding mission on Myanmar, said that Facebook "has made a significant contribution to the extent of bitterness and disagreement and conflicts, if you will, in public" and a" decisive role" in Myanmar. Facbook has recognized its part in the dispute. Slate was briefed by Adam Mosseri, director of the company's news feed, on the Myanmar situation:

"Despite the company's effort to stop the spreading of false information, we are losing some of our nap.

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