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Significant political progress in Myanmar in recent years has created new opportunities for a more open and democratic society. The book comprehensively examines the challenges of Myanmar's access to the global market. Burma is a latecomer in global trade and. The DIT offers expertise and contacts through its extensive network of specialists in the UK and British embassies and other diplomatic missions around the world. So what's the connection to the world?

Myanmar facts

It is a way for a sponsor to show a needy person God's loving nature in a life-changing way. We are making great strides for the well-being of our kids and their family thanks to the generosity of our people. Boy and girl are secure and appreciated, well looked after by their family, and participate in their community as transformationalists.

This year we established groups to educate and protect our students' parents' rights and to support their involvement in local government involvement. In order to enhance the safety and well-being of our employees, we have established Parents' Welfare Committee to deal with cases of abusive and violating children's laws. Childrens and family are well fed, sheltered from infections and diseases and have easy acces to important healthcare facilities.

For example, we have conducted training on the importance of breast-feeding exclusively in the first six month and the preparation of nourishing infant food with the use of locally grown herbs. Childrens have the opportunity to study and nurture their skills, young adults are prepared for the challenges of the present and parents and communities are committed to the development of childrenship.

We worked with municipal counterparts to hold night classes to help pupils learn good learning practices and give additional help to pupils fighting in Schools. There is a spiritual growth of ministry among young and old, a strengthening of communities to show Christ's charity in practice, and a peaceful life with their neighbours.

In the example of Christ, we worked with minors and family members to transform life, foster peacemaking and mutual respect, and show God's unquestioning charity. A successful partnership that helps us in our drive to end infanticide. Two or three out of 25 countries around the globe. Five million persons around the globe have been evicted. Where are they going and why have they fled, and what can be done to alleviate the needs of those fleeing, especially those of youngsters?

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