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The latest global news about Myanmar draws attention to the long-standing ethnic violence in the country. Learn more about World Vision UK's work and success in Myanmar's communities and why sponsoring a child can make a big difference. Burma World Distribution Co Ltd. is engaged in the sale of hardware, systems integration, software development and IT-supported services. The World Vision is responding to urgent humanitarian needs in Bangladesh due to an influx of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar's Rakhine state.

There are families fleeing Myanmar in need.

Burma Supreme Court summons Reuters journalist under Official Secrets Act | World Intelligence

In Myanmar, two Reuters reporters who exposed a Rohingya Muslim slaughter were indicted for violation of the Official Secrets Act. Prior to their detention, the reporters investigated the murder of 10 Rohingya men in the town of Inn Dinn in the state of Rakhine in the north of the country. Ye Lwin, judge of the Yangon Nordic Regional Tribunal, made the ruling this mornings and the case will now begin on 16 July.

They were arrested on 12 December when they were meeting policemen in a local restaurants and were given papers supposedly related to safety measures in the north of Rakhine. Since the August of last year, more than 700,000 Rohingya returnees have escaped from Rakhine in the north to Bangladesh, which the UN has described as a "textbook example" of racial cleanup.

Moe Yan Naing, head of state, admits in front of the courts that the officers of Tin Ko Ko Ko, the general of the brigade, should "catch" the reporters by delivering the secret handoff. They have been in Insein Penitentiary since they were arrested. Monday's consultation marked the end of the pre-negotiation period, which involved almost 30 studies over seven-month.

Following their arrest in December, they were denied entry to attorneys or their families for two wholeweek. In a June 11 interview, the journalists' attorney said that they were denied a three day period of induction. After the interview Kyaw Sow Oo also informed the journalist that he was obliged to kel.

Myanmar's administration and armed forces have on several occasions rejected claims of incursions into the Rohingya, and unauthorized entry into Rakhine's North remains limited to sovereign detectives, and includes UN Security Council reporter Yanghee Lee and the United Nations fact-finding missions. Lee emphasized in her latest evangelical message that the journalist was robbed of health assistance and exposed to a lack of sleeping "in violation of the ban on barbaric and humiliating treatments and the usual minimal standards for the care of prisoners".

The area is open to reporters only on governance visits that select those interviewed by reporters and persons they can meet on these journeys.

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