Myanmar work Visa

Burma Work Visa

Myanmar's main visa categories for foreigners wishing to reside in Myanmar are: The application for a work permit is only available to foreign companies operating under the Foreign Investment Act (FIL). Looking for a job in Myanmar? In addition to some necessary documents such as a business visa or work permit, you will also need to find accommodation. This article will discuss the basics of Myanmar's visa, work permit and residence permit.

Burma Visa and Work Permit

Myanmar's most important visa category for migrants are:: A tourist visa, which expires three month from the date of issuance, allows the visa owner to reside in Myanmar for 28 consecutive years. The visa is for travelling and recreational use only. Entry visa is similar to tourist visa, except for members of state authorities, former Myanmar residents and their families, for both formal and non-formal visit.

Visa is for businessmen who have professional interests in Myanmar or who plan to do businesses in that state. The visa allows the owner to reside in Myanmar for up to ten consecutive stays and is issued for three month from the date of issuance. Multiple Journey Entry Visa is for formal and professional travel to Myanmar.

Visa holders can be in Myanmar for up to ten consecutive visits and are eligible for either six month or one year. The visa documents include a photo of the person applying and proof of the route. To apply for a business visa, a Myanmar organisation must also send an official notice of invitations (or a sponsorship).

Foreign nationals need a work visa to work or do any kind of work in Myanmar in order to obtain the above mentioned visa. You have two kinds of work permits: A residence card allows the owner to work for either three month or one year without re-entry into Myanmar. Therefore, the residence visa applies to a solo journey to Myanmar.

Multiple Immigration Permit allows the owner to work in Myanmar for one year and undertake a period of time during which they can make a journey internationally. Please be aware that multiple admission owners must also have a current residence permit. Residence and multiple entries can be extended.

Residence or multiple re-entry applications must be able to prove that they are managing director, manager or consultant of the enterprise. It currently takes three month to process work permit applications in Myanmar. In Bangkok or Yangon, our hands-on sales and law advice team guides you through the above mentioned procedures and enables you to obtain a visa and/or work visa for Myanmar as easily as possible.

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