Myanmar work Permit

Work Permit Myanmar

An alien working in Myanmar needs a residence permit. ( h) Copy of the MIC authorisation. Years of residence & foreigners. Learn more about the general cancellation of work permits for your Myanmar maids in Singapore. Myanmar Investment Rules also prescribe the following.

a work permit, work card

The work permit request is only available to non-German enterprises that operate under the Law on International Investment (FIL). A work permit can only be applied for by non-German enterprises. If you are a foreigner setting up a company in Myanmar and need more than a touristic permit - you should get a commercial one.

Visas are only for 28 nights, you must be in a state accredited accommodation and must not be engaged in any business at all.

A new work permit procedure for international experts'burdensome', says the office

The latest changes to work permit applications will make it more difficult for businesses to recruit overseas professionals, the Yangon based DFDL legal practice said last weekend. Amendments introduced by the Myanmar Investment Commission at the beginning of October came into force on 21 October and are applicable to aliens wishing to work for MIC-registered businesses as seniors manager, technology expert or consultant.

"Although a similar work permit obligation was previously in place, many MIS authorisation firms consider the new extended requirements to be onerous and disturbing," said the DFDL in an analyse of the amendments published on 27 October. The DFDL also said that only restricted information is available on the precise selection and process for the authorisation of work permit requests.

These changes enumerate the necessary documentation for applying for a work permit and demand that it be filed in advanced or within seven working day of the expatriate's entry to Myanmar. In the event that the expatriate withdraws before or at the end of his visit, the applicant is obliged to inform the MIC and furnish proof of the withdrawal and the flight departures as well.

"The DFDL states that the planned length of residence must be known from the beginning, which can be hard to verify. "In general, however, engineers, executives and international advisors can be regarded as'foreign experts'", according to the DFDL. He noted that the notice does not cover non-resident staff of the Directorate of Investment and Administration of the company "Service" Societies.

The DFDL said that non-MIC nationals of non-MIC countries only need to apply for a commercial entry permit, although this will depend on how long they want to work in the state. Extensive reporting on Myanmar the latest developments, the latest developments and more.

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