Myanmar Women

Burma Women

Myanmar has a wealth of outstanding women who deserve to be praised for their many achievements. Readers will discover the world of women in Myanmar in five main destinations: The trafficking of women in Myanmar for forced marriage in China. Pages in category "Women's sports in Myanmar". Vice-President of the Myanmar Women.

Myanmar International Women's Day

To commemorate International Women's Day, Myanmar Times Myo Satt, Shwe Yee Saw Myint and Emily Spink asked women and men about their views on the condition of women in Myanmar. Males have to consider women as equal. that they know more than women.

And I don't ever want a girl to ever lose it. There' re many women I look up to. She is a lady who has used all the means at her disposal to her greatest power, as a maternal, as a great author, as a good-wifewife.

I think being a mom is nature's most valuable present to a girl. Well, a women who is not just a success in some companies and also as a mom and spouse, while keeping her equilibrium, is certainly something to look up to. After 10:00, women should not go outside because they are annoyed by drunks.

Drunk men don't think clearly and don't mind making a fuss about women. Yangon city centre is not so perilous, but women should always and everywhere be cautious. I' ll never allow her to go outside alone because I've seen too many felonies in which the wife is the victir.

Myanmar's high maternal death rates (MMR) is one of the biggest challenge that Myanmar women face today, with 200 fatalities per 100,000 living-born. The UNFPA defines their inadequate accessibility to sex and sexual and reproductive healthcare information, which includes decisions on childcare, as a key factor in Myanmar's high MMR.

In spite of heightened consciousness and donors' financing to promote Myanmar's health system, more work is needed by the Myanmar administration, its developing partner countries and the non-governmental and non-governmental sectors to reinforce the women's accounts. The guilt of the sacrifice is something profoundly ingrained in our societies. When we want to see the fall in these issues (e.g. rape), the victim's guilt will never be the work.

to be cautious, even with her coworkers and friends.

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