Myanmar Woman Photo

Burma Woman Photo

You will find the perfect Myanmar Women Stock photos and editorial news images from Getty Images. Myanmar women were amazingly friendly and sweet: female energy in its pure and innocent form. Kayan are a subgroup of the Red Karen (Karenni), the ethnic minority of Tibeto-Burman in Myanmar (Burma). Then why do many women in Myanmar not associate themselves with the word "feminism"? Picture about A young Burmese woman.

Myanmar females and mothers

Myanmar ladies were surprisingly kind and sweet: feminine power in its clean and virgin state. Unfortunately, this kind of workmanship is increasingly vanishing in the West. LisaĆ¢??, the feminine secret that we men can never escape and comprehend, but that will always fascinate us.

Didn't almost all great masculine artist let themselves be influenced by this feminine art? It was my second trip to Myanmar. I' m glad I could take many photos of these nature girl and woman. I see what as the skills of the Myanmar girl and woman? Those females are deeply entrenched in the soil, which makes them powerful and resistant.

The majority of the ladies in the photographs are living in a harmonic way in a naturally occurring area. To see a group of ladies in a square, to share meals, to have a good time, to play with children, the relaxing ambience, no intercourse, the tranquility, was a heartwarming one. astonishing courtesy and friendship of these Myanmar ladies and girl--

This is the kind of hearts these ladies and gentlemen show on many opportunities. You want to fully appreciate your femininity as nurturing and nurturing moms. There are cheerful children everywhere who play around them. When you look deeply into the purity and virginity of these young people.

Frankingousness can occur in this power of unity and friendliness. You want to divide and give, not rob or have at the expense of others. Beverages etc. were served in the restaurant and children came to give me gifts of flower in small towns. On several occasions I have had the impression how far we in the so-called advanced countries are from this naturally easy and joyful way of life.

Myanmar's northern females are living in perfect balance with the planet and all the necessary ressources. With all these words, I really hoped the pictures spoke for themselves. Those ladies and gals have moved my hearts and I still hold their energies with me. Hoping that they will also move your soul with their inherent beauties and friendliness.

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