Myanmar Winter Season

Burma Winter Season

Each season lasts about four months. Burmese farmers depend on the monsoon season as their main source of water, so they are subject to the latest weather fluctuations. Bengal Bay during this winter monsoon. During the winter months, look out for these delicious seasonal fruits in the markets and on the menus of local restaurants. There are three seasons in Myanmar: summer, monsoon and winter.

Why to come to Burma in December

In order to get away from the cool, gray climate at home in December, you don't need to look any further than Burma. Tranquil seasons mean the selection of some top quality hotel, the temperatures are mild, but the best way to enjoy one of the treasures of Southeast Asia. When you are looking for a place to get away from the coldness and pre-Christmas rush, December is one of the best months of the year to come to Burma.

Burma expert Tim will explain why it is best in winter and how you can enjoy it on a tailor-made tour with us. December is not only one of the dryest months to come to Burma, it is also a little colder at this season, which makes the temperature a little more tolerable and there is often a nice wind in the outdoors.

Myanmar is infamous for problems with availibility, especially from the end of October to March. However, the first two to three week in December is much calmer, which means that you have a much better selection of accommodation and easy contact with the best guide-business. Situated in the centre of the magnificent Shan landscape, the former Kalaw Colony Mound is a less frequented city where you can take great walks and even attend an bull rehabcamping.

A highlight of any journey to Burma is the tranquil meander along the Ayeyarwady riverbank, the immersion into riverbank living and the visit to some of the hard-to-reach areas along the shores. Ngapali is still a quiet but still wonderful place to spend the night after a strenuous journey with a good choice of accommodations and fine cuisine.

Lake Inle is the magic place of choice for many Burmese people. In order to give you an impression of the splendour of this old countryside, a ballooning tour over Bagan is very recommendable and will doubtless be one of the high points of your stay in Burma. With the exception of the United Kingdom, Burma is one of only three nations in the rest of the word that do not apply the measurement system.

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