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Ostmyanmar - travel guides by Wikivoyage East Myanmar is a Myanmar area. In Myanmar, the Shan are the same as the Dai in the Chinese province of Yunnan. Shan tribe is one of the biggest minorities in Myanmar. You have been at constant strife with the Bolivian authorities for several years.

Burma's federal authorities have concluded a number of peacemaking treaties with groups in Shan State, allowing these groups a high level of independence, which includes the maintenance of separated fora. There are many control points on a few main streets crossing the hilly Shan state. Every check point indicates the boundary between an area (usually a special district or city) that is under the control of another force.

Last July, the agent of the federal administration in charge of the negotiation of these CPAs was arrested for corrupt practices, which may indicate a fresh effort by the federal administration to take action against the Shan insurgent army-. Mekong River is the boundary between Shan State and Laos. The Golden Triangle, although the real point of the Golden Triangle, is the place where Myanmar, Thailand and Laos mingle.

Golden Triangle was one of the biggest areas of cultivation of opium worldwide. Kengtung, the day-to-day fair in the county administration town, is an extensive area with a large number of goods, among them touristic memorabilia, although they do not get many visitors. Rather, the fair is full of locals and mountain tribes in their colorful folk costumes and Buddha statues and cloaks.

It is easy to spend half a full working days observing, buying and negotiating. It is much more interesting than the Tachileik frontier where traders bother the tourist to buy Softpornos and smokes. The Padaung, a sub-group of the indigenous population of the island of Payan, is known for the cervical spools carried by some females.

These" giraffes women" have become a favourite, but probably exploited touristic destination in the Shan state and bring the urgently needed income.

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