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"Telenor & Myanmar Net presents "A Wa Thone Data" plan to you to use mobile data & A Wa Thone wlan! Unrestricted data plans for Myanmar. You' ll receive a late model pocket WiFi device for Myanmar and enjoy unlimited data. A spokesman for the Internet service provider, U Myo Min Nyunt, said Myanmar Business Today. Are you wondering if you can get a reliable Internet connection in Myanmar?

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Would we be better off unlocking our telephones and installing a simulation locally? We' re traveling within Myanmar for two whole week. In Myanmar the mobile Wifi has not yet started. Right now you can get the locally available smart cards, which are cheaper. In Mandalay last November, I purchased a bag wifi after throwing my mobile telephone into the stream and did not want to buy a new one.

I' m uploading pictures from my notebook every day and, as I said, the speed is quicker than most hotels.

TH Airport Pick Up (4G WiFi) for Myanmar

It' never been so easy to stay in touch and share with your loved ones, especially if you can easily take a handheld WiFi unit with you to get 4G information while travelling in Myanmar! Just collect your equipment at Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Muang International Airport. You will be sure to have an online presence before you ever arrive in Myanmar, and when you get there you will be prepared to discover this hectic and busy area.

When you choose the base pack, you get a handheld WiFi unit that can connect up to 10 people. You can even be sure that your adventure is not hampered by a low voltage recharge. Get this handheld bag WiFi and set off on Myanmar avenues!

Picking up and dropping off locations:

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Do I need to take Wifi equipment with me? That side says it's a complete wastage, but I'm sceptical..... Wifi is really stained. Cities claiming to have Wifi, not really. Wi-Fi was best before 8:30. Not only was it sluggish - in several places claiming to have Wifi, among them the Sedona in Mandalay (a large "western" hotel), there was simply no discernible web, although they said they had it.

I would have been much less strenuous if I had realized that when Myanmar's properties advertise Wifi, this is a completely different industry to anywhere else in Asia! There were even cybercaf├ęs, which were sluggish and unsound. When I tried to mail a one-time corporate e-mail from my $US170 per overnight stay (which had promoted his outstanding WLAN) for 6 hour, the employees said there were always "problems" with attaching it.

There was another hotelier disconnected and there was no sign of the third. It didn't seem to make much sense with Skype etc., I found out that you could use language but not film. Yangon's Wi-fi is stained and often out when you try to connect to web pages, but in general you can send e-mails without problems.

Also other cities and places will be confusingly slowly. Fortunately I never have to use the web much..... At Mandalay and Inle Lake the connections were so sluggish that I couldn't get any emails through my regular provider, I had to use web mail and even then it took me 5 min to load a 260 Kb file.

Sedona in Mandalay had an indication that the Myanmar government was "waiting" for the Yangon-Mandalay wire. So we could call out and the telephone would ring from there and there, but the other end was so mutilated that we couldn't listen to what they were saying, so we gave up.

While we had been told that international roaming was not permitted in Myanmar, we were agreeably amazed that the Yangon Airtel works well. However, beyond Yangon you need a real estate card. Twenty thousand kyats (US$20) for about 19 min. of international calls and extensive area calls and text messages.

SIM card is effective for 30 working nights from the date of activating and can be recharged by purchasing call duration. However, if you are looking for calling internationally, please refer to IDD, which are usually available in denominations of 10,000 Kyat. So I found one in New Bagan City and the friendly personnel on the mall was helping me.

Don't wait for a quick Myanmar dial-up access. While most 3/4/5 stars provide free WiFi, they are usually limited to the cyberspace. Connections in the rooms, even if available, are very sluggish.

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