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Burma, where you can stay overnight

These are our top recommendations for places like Bagan, Yangon and Inle Lake. Comprehensive information about the different types of accommodation and hotels in Myanmar. Myanmar offers a wide variety of activities and destinations, including hotels, from yachts and vineyards to epic mountains and paradisiacal islands. These are some of our favourite places for our handmade, luxurious or group trips. It is easy to find accommodation in Myanmar.

The best places to stay in Myanmar

Burma is a place that should be on the shortlist of all Southeast Asia. It is a great pleasure to discover and roam this land with over 100 different races and nationalities. Whether you want to see the famous Bagan Sunrise over the many pagoda and temple, admire the relaxed way of living in Inle Lake or experience the flourishing town of Yangon, there is so much to see and do in Myanmar.

Whilst accommodation is generally quite simple and somewhat more costly than in Southeast Asia, there are still many possibilities. The majority of lodgings and resort facilities have reasonably priced dormitories where backpacker tourists can find comfort. In order to help you plan your journey, we have suggested some of the best accommodation in the best places to visit in the area.

Below are our individual suggestions for accommodation suitable for all budgets. You' ll find here some of our top pickups, from inexpensive and entertaining guesthouses to luxury properties.

You have lived in Myanmar (Yangon) since your.....

What was your stay in Myanmar (Yangon) because your stay at the treeseason hotelier was awful. I' m the one who gave Three Seniors a four-star rating to the place. It' a lovely place to spend the night. A very kind and welcoming guest. Well located too. three season lodging 54nd St. I remained for 6 overnight stays. the Miss La la was extraordinarily useful when you go to a country that speak Little English. great breakfasts and Wi-Fi is good most of the times. very near to shwedagon Pagode Junction St. M Myanmar Plaza and the city center.

GUIDELINES TO BE guidelines to be followed in Myanmar

Burma is a small south-east Asia between India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. Myanmar (formerly Burma) is home to more than 100 different ethnical groups and has much to provide the visitor in respect of the region's past, present, culture and natural environment. In spite of decadelong lasting tensions and an epidemic lack of revenue, Myanmar is becoming more and more attractive for visiting South East Asia.

But some areas of Myanmar may be hazardous or even unlawful due to ethnical and worship conflict in the area. We' ve put together some of the most sought-after areas to help you make a decision about where to stay in Myanmar. Yangon, which was Burma's capitol until 2005, is where most of Burma's foreign air traffic lands.

Though almost entirely deserted at the age, Yangon remained Myanmar's trading centre. It has many renowned buddhistic churches and sanctuaries, among them the Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the holiest places in Myanmar. Because of the growing tourist industry, the need for rooms is growing, so it is advisable to make plans in advance when choosing where to stay in Yangon.

The best places to stay in Yangon: Best value hostels in Yangon: Budgeted hotels in Yangon: Mid range hotels in Yangon: Family-friendly hotels in Yangon: Yangon luxury hotels: It is photographed as it has the biggest and most focused area of buddhistic temple and stupa in the whole wide globe, more than 2000 in all, possibly up to 4,000 inclusive remains, which is at least twice the number of chapels in Cambodia's Angkor area.

Bagan has several accommodations with the inflow of visitors. The best places to stay in Bagan: Inexpensive hostels in Bagan: Budgeted hotels in Bagan: Middle class hotels in Bagan: Family-friendly hotels in Bagan: Luxurious hotels in Bagan: andalay is the second biggest town in the country and the business centre of the north.

Mandalay, the former imperial capitol, is surrounded by the Mandalay Palace from the Konbaung dynasty and is often called Burma's culture-state. The Mandalay Hill is overlooking the town and is littered with cougars and pupas. During the Second World War Mandalay itself was almost levelled and arbitrarily reconstructed in the 1990s.

When you choose to come to Mandalay for its regal past and trade, there are several places where you can stay overnight. Mandalay Best Places to Stay: Mandalay Cheapest Hostels: Mandalay Cheap Hotels: Mandalay Middle Class Hotels: Mandalay Family Friendly Hotels: Mandalay Luxury Hotels: Not far from Mandalay, on the Indian Borders is the Sagaing Region in northwestern Myanmar.

The town of sagaing is home to a large goldmine, many nature reserves and ecotourism centres. The city of Sagaing is home to several scenic cities, such as Katha, where George Orwell was based in the 1920s and written his novel Burmese Days. The former capitol of the Kingdom of Sagaing, there are many cloisters in this area.

The best places to stay in Sagaing: Budgeted hotels in Sagaing: Myanmar's most northerly state has also experienced its part of the fighting in recent years, but this mountain area on the border with India and China is an attraction for walkers and other extremists. The Indawgyi Sea, Southeast Asia's biggest lakes, is also located in the Kachin area.

The best places to stay in Kachin State: Budget-Hotels in the state of Kachin: Mid range hotels in the state of Kachin: Family-friendly hotels in the state of Kachin: Luxurious hotels in the state of Kachin: Shan state in the east of Myanmar borders China, Laos and Thailand. Here is one of Myanmar's most visited tourist attractions, Lake Inle, known for its swimming towns and stilt shelters.

Oversea Inle Lake has cottages, hostels and dining establishments that serve visitors from all over the globe. Like many other areas of Myanmar, there are many stupa and abbeys in various states of conservation in Shan State and the Inle region. The best places to stay in Shan State: Best value hostels in Shan State:

Shan state hotels: Mid range hotels in Shan State: Family-friendly hotels in Shan State: Deluxe hotels in Shan State: Present reasonably priced, luxury excursions for the budget-conscious! Combining my money and my experience I would like to show you, with a little bit of planing, the right price and a real destination, you can fulfill your dream of traveling and discover the whole wide globe, whatever your budgets or wishes may be!

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