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Instead, most travellers hurry north to Mandalay, the hub for "Upper Burma" and the base for visiting the remains of several former capitals, or to Bagan further west for its breathtaking temple-lined plains. Their most reliable route is to and from Yangon. "Reporters sentenced to prison. You' re supposed to go there for a good time? Make sure you add these beautiful places to your itinerary.

The Myanmar Itinerary - Sights in Myanmar

Read this paper to learn how to schedule your trip to Myanmar. Finally, I'll make a suggestion: I'll also give you an overview of the most important places of interest in Myanmar, advice on obtaining a visa, transportation and how to book accommodations in the state. Selecting a Myanmar tour will be an important part of your Myanmar tour and not only for the common purposes - efficient trip, packaging in the places of interest you want to see - Myanmar has only recently opened up to tourists and this has two effects on your tour.

First of all, there are still parts of Myanmar you can't see as a visitor. Some parts can only be visited under the watchful eye of a tour leader. A''tourist path' has been created and if you want to take a diversion, you should prepare for a slower or more costly journey; most likely both.

This is my Myanmar itinerary: In Myanmar I stayed for 3 week and travelled at a relatively slow tempo. I would have liked to add other places, but I have not reached them for several reason - walking was due to a recent kneeling operation and a visit to the Naypdidaw (capital) due to poor scheduling and a pre-booked Inle Lake route.

I' ve added these places to the Myanmar Places to be visited to give you more information for your Myanmar trip plan. I' ve traveled in a large group, beginning in Yangon, and after much research I think this is the best one. It' simpler to find low-cost airfares to and from Yangon - the town has many more international connections than Mandalay - and the main touristic destinations are a small district that saves you zigzag flying to and from Yangon and Mandalay.

Obviously, the fewer few round-trips you have to make within Myanmar, the more difficult this route becomes, so that some of my proposed Myanmar routes take a different direction and focus on the true highpoints. So if you only have 7 nights in Myanmar, you only have 7 nights. You will still be guided through most of the high points for 10 nights and as the trip in Myanmar is sluggish, you will experience a true pick of cherries in 7 of them.

At the end you will find my route suggestions for Myanmar. Would you like a trip? With Myanmar's opening, many businesses have been offering travel throughout the state. Lovin' the TourRadar, a reference site for bookings of trips covering all the main makes and more (over 1 million trips with 500 trustworthy travel agents).

You will also give your own rebate in comparison to book directly with the travel agencies and have 24/7 telephone onboard. For Myanmar price and route comparisons with TourRadar, click here. The following is a selection of the best and most visited sights in Myanmar. It' very simple to go to Yangon on your own.

But if you want to go on a trip, there are many different culture and sight-seeing itineraries. To review ratings and pricing on TripAdvisor, click here. At least a whole night, two of them. The ideal time to construct Yangon is 3-4 working hours. Is it Yangon or Mandalay? There are many other places of interest and Yangon is the favourite town for most of us.

LYANGON HOSTEL: Click here for current rates. Best tip: Prepare your whole itinerary before setting off for Myanmar. Since Myanmar transportation has very special itineraries, it is very simple to draw yourself into a corners that makes you have to retreat, chew through amount of gel and cost.

It has an inbound and outbound destination and has an inbound and outbound connection. You can also get to Yangon by public transport. From Yangon you have the widest selection of tourist attractions. The Yangon is an important station in the country's rail system.

Also, the journey by rail is much more sluggish than by coach. You can find out more and see the price of a privately owned route here. Only a few hrs from Yangon, Bago is an ideal place for a simple excursion. In case you would like a guide route (which is less expensive if you take a cab around Bago), you can find out more and see the price of the itinerary.

Watch the sun rise over the pagoda-filled plain of Bagan. This is Hike Mount Popa - a vulcano with a sanctuary at the top, because..... that's how they are rolling in Bagan. Usually (and rightly) Bagan is stereotypical as a target for its sanctuaries. But there is much more to do in Bagan than most believe.

If you want to know more, please see my article: Things to Do in Bagan - The Land of Phagodas. If you don't believe you will be managing thousand of coupons, you can find my shortlist of the best coupons in Bagan - which you can see here. Would you like to reserve a flight through Bagan?

Please click here to view TripAdvisor ratings and pricing. You can also book a TripAdvisor trip in advanced by clicking here. I would suggest 2 days/3 evenings in Bagan, because there is a great deal to see and do and you don't get weary of these sundowns.

At the absolute minimal, 1 night and 1 night, but I really think that if you run through Bagan so fast you will be kicking yourself. This is Ostello Bello, Bagan. Luxury: Bagan Lodge. Nyaung U is the closest airfield, just a few leagues from old Bagan. It is well linked to the bus:

Please be advised that most busses run at nights. Myanmar: A highlight of my journey was the journey by ferry from Bagan to Mandalay. From Bagan to Mandalay by ferry. It' possible to reserve a route across the beautiful mountain range, but please note that not all routes are the same.

My trip was made with Rickshaw Travel in advance and involved one overnight on the sea (although this trip must be purchased as part of a longer trip to Myanmar). To review ratings and pricing on TripAdvisor, click here. Like Yangon, at least a whole full week, two days.

You should spend two days at Inle Lakes unless you want to rest in a lakefront cottage. However, I would suggest at least one day on the water for dawn and sundown. Nyangshwe Song of Travel Hostel: Nyangshwe Thanakha Inle Hotel: The Aureum Palace Resort & Spa Inle Nyangshwe:

Deluxe on the lake: At the Inle Shores, Golden Island Cottages Click here for current rates. Await about $20 for your cab (one of the best offers you get in Myanmar for a cab ride). It is about 20 min. by car from Nyuangshwe (or about 40 min. by boat).

Myanmar Inle Lake is on the Myanmar route and therefore well served by bus: "As I said above for Bagan, I used JJ Express to travel at nigh. Myanmar: Lake Inle is not part of Myanmar's railway system. Walking from Kalaw to Inle Lake (or the other way around) is a very common choice in Myanmar.

The majority of pilgrims leave from Kalaw and hike to Inle Lake and not vice versa. There' s a 2 hour run from the airport, but only once a daily in the mornings, so you need to coordinate your flying as well. Burma has a rainy period, unlike most other countries in Southeast Asia - it sometimes water inexorably ( (compared to the once-daily rain shower of most monsoons).

Find a guided walk and a trip - it is possible to find a Kalaw guidebook, but if you would rather research or reserve in advanced, click here for the Kalaw TripAdvisor itinerary. I' ve been paying about 40 dollars, which was very hefty given that it is only 30 min outside of Mandalay.

They can make a trip at the same cost and if you pay a little more you can find a trip that offers you a broader Mandalay trip inclusive lunches. To see trip information, ratings and rates on TripAdvisor, click here. It' simple to discover the remainder of Mandalay on your own.

So it is very likely that for Mandalay a trip is the better choice. To see trip information, ratings and rates on TripAdvisor, click here. Without the U-Being-Ponte, I would have liked to have jumped over Mandalay completely. Maybe if you can really tim it, you can do without a day in Mandalay.

At the most I would suggest 1 or 2 days. Ustello Bello, Mandalay. Mandalay Boutique Hotel. Luxury: Mandalay Hill Resort. There is an internatonal airfield in Mandalay, which is also well linked inland. From Yangon you will be linked to other locations worldwide. Mandalay, like Yangon, links to most of Myanmar's touristic stations.

Please see itineraries above for itineraries. You can find above information about the journey between Mandalay and Bagan - one of the high points of my journey. But if you are looking for an alpine option to Kalaw, the drive just south of Mandalay is a good one.

Oo Lwin Pyin is an old colonial village in Britain, where the army would flee from the very un-British, incubating climate in Myanmar. Situated on the railway line, Pyin Oo Lwin is 6 hrs from Mandalay. Mandalay has no busses, which is a pity, because it is only 2 hrs on the street.

Pyin Oo Lwin can also be reached from Yangon (12 hrs by bus). The Pyin Oo Lwin also links Hsipaw by coach (4 hours) and rail (7 hours). The Hsipaw is a popular trek that attracts and keeps you there ('cause it's probably colder and clean than most other places in Myanmar).

On the railway line it lasts 13 hrs from Mandalay or 7 hrs from Pyin Oo Lwin. Busses from Mandalay (7 hours), Pyin Oo Lwin (7 hours), Inle Lake (12 hours) and Yangon (15 hours). and then I was willing to go on.

I would have liked to have spent 7 days on the Ngapali coast with a little more accomodation and a host. Altough it is possible to attend for a overnight or two, you are probably going to have to travel there so it is probably not going to be worth the expenses for a very brief stop.

Here you can find all the information where you can spend the night in my article: Travelling to and from Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Heho (Inle Lake). Their most dependable itinerary is to and from Yangon. Ngapali is the only city in Yangon and can be reached in about 11h.

When there was a stop I deplore on my Myanmar route, it was Naypyitaw. So why go to Naypyitaw? Large building and a stupa to compete with Shwedagon in Yangon - all abandoned. A lot of people mistakenly think that Yangon is the main town of Myanmar....and that was until 2006. Anything that is the honest answer behind this weird town, it was enough to inspired an whole Top Gear story (who wouldn't want to run through these empty streets) and makes it a truly unique travelling time.

Look at this droning material from Naypyitaw. It was not possible to include the city in my tour with busses leaving only from Yangon and Mandalay without jumping over one of the other sights - which I did not want to do. To enter Myanmar you need a visas.

Fortunately, Myanmar is ahead of time at this point and you can complete your resume completely on-line. It took less than 6hrs. Myanmar can be explored from coach to coach. In my Myanmar travel guide you can find all the information about how to get to Myanmar:

In order to reserve a flight to Myanmar or within the state, click here to look for Skyscanner or click here to look for CheapOAir. For more information about how to reserve accomodation, please see my Myanmar travel guide: Please note: For all of these routes, you will have to adapt your "nights" if you decide to take overnight busses instead of travel.

Myanmar 2 weeks route - Start with the 10 days fundamental route and change it as you wish. Myanmar Route 3 weeks - Yangon (3 nights) - Klaw (4 days for 4 days trekking) - Inle Lake (3 nights) - Bagan (4 nights) - Boot Bagan to Mandalay - Mandalay (2 days - including an early ferry to Mandalay) -.

4 overnight stays at Ngapali Beach - 1 overnight stay at Yangon. Available with 3 wks, you can customize this route in many ways. If you have 4 wards in Myanmar, you can easily include them in the 3-week program. Do you plan a journey to Myanmar?

I thought you might want to see my other posts: Are you looking for a guide?

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