Myanmar where is it Located

Burma, where is it?

This map, I think, clearly shows where they are. When you read this article, you will see a clear picture of Myanmar Reckons With a Muslim Insurgency. - Situated between China and India. The study examines the advantages and disadvantages of locations in Myanmar. The Shimizu Corporation Myanmar, site organization and locations.

The Rohingya rebels say that 10'innocent civilians' have been found in Myanmar.

Myanmar's army said early this weekend that its troops murdered 10 captive Islamic "terrorists" during the insurgency raids in early September, after the Buddhist village inhabitants coerced the captive men into a tomb that the village people had sunk. This was a seldom recognition of misconduct by Myanmar's army during its operation in the state of Rakhine in the West.

As the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Mility Force (ARSA), whose crackdowns on Muslim assets began in August last year in the Muslim territory north of Rakhine, said it wholeheartedly welcomed "the acceptance of "war crimes" by the "Burmese terror army". "We hereby state that the ten virgin Rohingya civilists found in that crowd tomb in Inn Din Village Tract were neither members of Arcade nor had any connection to Arcade," the group said in a Twitter declaration.

Myanmar's Myanmar administration spokesperson, in reply to the ARSA declaration, said that sometimes "terrorists and village people are involved in attacks" against allies. Myanmar's army did not react immediately to comments. Myanmar's civil commander Aung San Suu Kyi said on Friday that it was "positive" that the country's army is taking the blame for the troops' action.

"It is a new move for our country," she said at a press briefing with Foreign Minister Taro Kono in Myanmar's capitol Naypyitaw. "I see it because a nation must take on responsibilities for the constitutional state in the nation, and this is the first stage on the path to taking on responsibilities, and it is a good thing," she said, according to a copy of the press briefing on her Facebook page.

The army reported on December 18 that a massive tomb with 10 corpses was found in the seaside town of Inn Din, about 50 km from Sittwe. According to a Wednesday declaration by the army, his inquiry revealed that members of the police were involved in the murders and that measures were being taken against them.

A number of civil men tried to assassinate the 10 men to revenge the deaths of an ethnical Rakhine Buddhist in Inn Dinn town called Maung Ni and were punished, the army said. Rohingya began its riots after Rohingya launched a violent army reaction in Rakhine on 25 August, which was condemned by the United Nations as an act of ethnical purge.

Burma is denying ethnical purges because its police have carried out lawful uprising.

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