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When I ask the question: "When is the best time to go? Myanmar's best time to travel by region. Receive the Kawt Go weather forecast. Myanmar has a subtropical and tropical monsoon climate with the exception of a small southernmost part with subequatorial weather conditions. Made in Tailor " Holidays in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

June weather Myanmar - Myanmar Forum

Anyone can tell me how good/bad the weather is in Myanmar for June (Yangon)? to be travelling this year and was wondering if the weather would put a damper or not. June is the wet weather in Myanmar, Yangon. Bagan & Mandalay are tropic zones, some rains, thank you, but is the weather really restricting your work?

However, the Italian and Hispanic groups successfully traveled during the rainy seasons and of course the domestic market continued as usual, but a little more subdued....... Only for Yangon, yes, you can be soaked, but as mentioned above, there are still Italian and Hispanic. It may be necessary to use an unbreakable or raincoat.

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Weather in Myanmar in August - Myanmar Message Board

I' m quite sure August is the rainy period in Myanmar, but this is the only one I can go. It' August is the best and it's raining lightly. It seems as if Inlay Sea is getting damp, but it even loves cloudy. It' August is the best and it's raining lightly. It seems as if Inlay Lakes will get soaked, but the romance is even cloudy. Thank you....that's good to know.

Weather in October and clothes? - Myanmar forum

Weather in October and clothes? Several of the weather sides even had higher than the highest possible temp and that really baffled me! As we know it is the end of the monsoon, we know we need to wear damp weather clothes, but what are the likely days and nights that we will reach?

A few exact dates of the people who were there at the end of the monsoon will be very useful. Weather in October and clothes? Bumping because I am also interested to listen to it, and try to really easily travels. I' m there 11-26 Oct (Yangon, Bagan, Inle) and just wanted to take one of these lightweight umbrellas and buy an earthenware canopy. Do I need more equipment than that?

Weather in October and clothes? Weather and Clothes? hello, I know what you mean, it seems to be hard to find a Straits along the line answer.I will be in the land from October 6 th to 27 th, with a similar itinerary.Ive succeeded to get a coarse leader, end of monsun.

One good hot fleece for the cooler ones around the lake what I usually take is rail suites bottom pants. then its just short pants, t-shirts, sandal flip-flops that not a tendency putter clothing clever, so i tends to take clothing to asia i dont care to get out there either by bungling it or buying it on kids.then usually buy some shirts along and short at the stores.

Weather in October and attire? Thought that I will take a real water resistant, but with the initial scheme of umbrellas and umbrellas, I like to wear a dress, when it is warm in the morning, put in pairs of tights for down in the morning, and a tan.

Weather in October and clothes?

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