Myanmar what to see

Burma what to see

You will find many exciting activities and sights near our hotel in Myanmar: You could explore Myanmar for a lifetime and not see everything it has to offer! Here is what you can see and do in Myanmar's second largest city (Burma). The temperatures in Mongolia, Bhutan and Burma (Myanmar) are not yet overwhelming and therefore offer perfect weather to visit temples and see amazing sunrises and sunsets. Learn more about the mysterious and beautiful Myanmar with our travel guide.

Travelling in Myanmar

It' now is the right moment to go to Myanmar, or Burma if you like! Burma is currently the most fast-moving country in Southeast Asia. This is what you need to know to better appreciate your trip to Myanmar. Obtaining a Myanmar permit has never been so easy.

We will send a confirmation of your application by e-mail within three working hours. Simply copy the cover and show it on your way to the Myanmar International Airports to get a stamping in your identity card. Your application for a Myanmar Citizenship Permit is accepted up to 90 nights prior to your entry into Myanmar. When an eVisa does not work for you, you can apply for a Myanmar Tourism Visas at an Myanmar Ambassador before your outing.

Myanmar visas only allow one person to enter the Philippines and allow 28 nights in the state. Cash machines issue the indigenous money. Apart from air travel, the use of bank accounts in Myanmar is not very convenient. Tips are not awaited in Myanmar and can even be confusing. Handling the Myanmar economy was once a difficult matter, as certain depreciated denominations as well as notes dating were pledged to tourist because they were no longer in use.

Find out what you need to know about the Myanmar currencies. Multiple outlets, found in most touristic resorts, accepts several kinds of outlets. Blackouts are widespread throughout Myanmar; many Yangon owned properties and companies have large generator sets available. In Myanmar, the price of accomodation is higher than in neighbouring Thailand and Laos.

With or without a fixed rate, you may be accompanied to your room by a tightly clad lift companion fitted with a refrigerator, sat TV and robes! When you travel with someone, the cost of two dormitory cots is often the same as a single room.

Before you travel to Myanmar, see these 10 important things you should know. In spite of the opening of the Thai borders, mainly for policy purposes, the only way to leave Myanmar without complications is by air. The Yangon International Airport has links to many points throughout Asia, which includes China, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Travelling from Thailand to Yangon is inexpensive and simple. There are currently no foreign airlines flying directly to Myanmar from the West, but this may be changed if penalties are removed and tourist numbers increase. Myanmar's railway system is a relic from Myanmar's former colonies. Busses and trams are simple to use in Myanmar, although railway stops generally have few English plates.

View the special features of transport in Myanmar.

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