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Burma what to see

Call us to see what we can do for you. The temperatures are not yet overwhelming and therefore offer perfect weather to visit temples and see amazing sunrises and sunsets. Find out how to make the most of your trip! The dramatic Myanmar (Burma) is the dream of an intrepid traveller. Myanmar's culture borders on India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand and is a mixture of Chinese, Thai, Indian and even Malaysian influences.

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The top 10 of our top 10 Myanmar (Burma) & Thailand attractions. The fascination and diversity of Thailand and Burma have made it an interesting task to compile a shortlist of highpoints. - and our favourite lights reduced to only 10. Buddha shrines are contrasted with the mess of a contemporary town with countless touk touks, unbelievable dining and a famous tropical night life.

Alec Guinness, whose admirers also want to see Kanchanaburi, the city where the history of the city began to unfold during the Second World War, made the Kwai River a name. Formerly the country's antique capitol, it flourished in the mid-13th to late 14th century, and its tempting remnants are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Thailand's most popular attractions.

Walk through the nearby hills for stunning vistas, unwind on the land of money and eat in one of the many traditional Lanna cuisines. Better still, take a hot air tour (45 minutes per ride) and see this amazing view from above or discover it by bike.

You will find a young vineyard and some of the many ethnical minority of the country like the Pa-O a few minutes away from the lakes. Myanmar is home to at least 14 minority tribes and Thailand is world-famous for its always welcoming and fun-loving people. Thailand and Burma cooking is delicious, full -bodied and full of spices.

Burma is known for its tealeaf lettuce and pasta-soup. How would you rate our shortlist of Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) highpoints?

There are 14 things you should know before you visit Myanmar 2018

Mysterious coughies, old Stupa, fishermen's towns in gleaming seas, genuine hiking, warm-hearted locals: there are many ways for visitors to make up for the loss of experience and go to Myanmar as it opens up to the rest of the globe. However, unlike its well-worn neighbors, traveling here can be a little difficult and has a few special features you need to know before your visit in 2018.

Part of the land is not safe to be visited. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office at this point discourages all trips to Rakhine State except the Kyaukpyu, Ramree, Munaung, Toungup, Thandwe (including the touristic village of Ngapali) and Gwa in the south. Besides the state of Rakhine, it is also advisable to stay away from all trips to the far northern Shan state - with the exception of Lashio, the city of Kyaukme, the city of Hsipaw and the Mandalay-Lashio railway line.

My personal experiences show that I felt 100% secure at all the time. But in general I followed the touristic path and did nothing too weird. If you want to get off the track, first make sure that the local people are secure and don't cross the Bangladesh frontier.

In Myanmar, overnight busses are quicker than train, less expensive than airplane, and simpler than hiring a vehicle. Sure, there are some busses that are stuffed with everything under the sundown. However, on the whole, the coaches are a pleasurable event. In my opinion, the best coach operator to take is JJ Express.

JJ Express has a pool of soft toys with deckchairs, free snacks and even a TV for each client. When the London roads are covered with golden pavement, the Myanmar roads are covered with scarlet walnut stain. Can you ask me what?

When you are interested to see what all the hullabaloo is around however, there are businesses everywhere that sell them. One of the most precious things I can give you about travelling in Myanmar: be cautious about what you ate. is part of the whole Myanmar thing.

Stumbled into a Bagan fair at 7 a.m. Myanmar's weather is very different, with blazing sun in one place and cool breeze in another. The majority of Myanmar tourists simply go to the'big 4' destination in the country: But if you get away from these touristic hot spots, things become much more interesting and you can get a much better view of the true Myanmar.

On our journey we have chosen to leave the touristic path a little and hike to some Shan and Palaung camps. It was one of the most beautiful and authentically experience we had in Myanmar, and there was no tourists or touts in view. However, not only do you have to hike to leave the major tourism path, there are also many other places to do so.

Hpa-An, Myeik Archipelago, Ngapali and Loikaw are just a few of the other places you can hike to in Myanmar. All over Myanmar, men and women are attracted to the people. and I have to say, it was wonderful rescuing.

South of Bogyoke Aug Saun Market there are a lot of quaint caf├ęs, snack bars and fashionable places to eat, offering a mixture of classic West dishes and basic Myanmar cuisine. In contrast to the ludicrously inexpensive inns and dormitories in neighboring Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, Myanmar does not have quite the same bedwinds.

It seems that in Myanmar, every sanctuary or major event is best seen at dawn. Now, that's what every locals and tourism said. The times are over when Myanmar had to fight with visas. Now, I trust you're feeling a little more familiar with Myanmar.

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