Myanmar what to see

Burma what to see

Though cheap flights from Bangkok to Mandalay are now available, most people begin their visit to Yangon (Rangoon). Here is what you should know before you jump your head first into this untouched destination. Locate the best things for you near Myanmar Plaza, Yangon (Rangoon). Discover the hidden treasures of daily life along the Irrawaddy that you will experience on your Myanmar Explorer cruise: There's a curfew on Maungdaw Township.

Myanmar Top 10 Activities

The majority of tourists go to Yangon or Mandalay, but there are now four Thai crossings open to aliens without a visa. Burma is the home of a thousand feasts, many of which are devoted to the natives, so widespread in the country's cultures and customs.

Some of them, like the wacky Thinkgyan New Year Ballon, are national, but most are even locally - and mirror the vertiginous variety of Myanmar. On this page all Myanmar venues have their own festivities list. One of the best ways to experience a bit of indigenous civilization is to go to one of the bus stops lining the streets of every towns and villages in the countryside; some have wonderful river landscapes, so after a full exploration tour drive to some sundowner.

Yangon riverfront can be hard to reach, but you can find large small waterholes where you can see living on the riverbank, playing soccer with the children and drinking ale. An Hpa has a number of pleasantly rural pubs along the way to Manlamyine, overlooking the holy and mountain Zwegabin.

Myitikyina, Katha and Mawlamyine all have a number of beautiful little places serving beverages and plain meals on the riverbank. It is not possible to rental a motorcycle in Myanmar, but you can cheaply rental it in many places throughout the land, from the mountain to the beach. Situated on the Yangon - Mandalay Strait, the new city ( "built from scratch" in 2005) is by no means a historic touristic place - but if you are interested in Myanmar's recent past, it has a strange charme; it is characterised by its flamboyant size and bizarre void.

In most Myanmar cities there is a beach road (or Kanna Lan in Burmese) along their rivers or seaside. These are great places to experience daily and overnight from Myeik to Mawlamyine, from Hpa An to Myitkyina and from Mandalay to Yangon. It is a strange and beautiful place, a giant promotional exercise constructed by the rulers to show what a good work they have done in the fight against criminality and the care of their population.

Burma has two well-established vines high in the Shan Mountains - Red Mountain Estate on Inle Lake and Aythaya near Taunggyi, where the soil and colder climates are more beneficial to wine production than in the tropics of the North. This is Myanmar's only UNESCO World Culture Site to date. It is not the size of Bagan or Mrauk U, but it is nevertheless an interesting place with a distinctive architectonic signature - and it has great significance in Myanmar's rich culture as well.

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