Myanmar what to see

Burma what to see

On the way to Myanmar / Burma? Have a look at what you can experience in Myanmar. and monasteries of Myanmar Myanmar could take a life to visit all its churches, Stupa churches, cloisters, palaces and cloisters. Here is a listing of the best temple you can find on your journey. The Bagan is the biggest archeological area in Myanmar with over 2,200 shrines, palagodas and remains.

Hire an e-bike for the whole of your days and experience the thousand different churches spread across the levels to uncover your own secrets and clues.

To get a detailled maps of Bagan's sanctuaries, please download this PDF to your mobile before losing your commute. The Shwe-sandaw Pagoda is the most beloved place for the sun to rise, but it is always full of a large mob. The Lawkaoushaung is the place to be if you want to see an unbelievable dawn without having another visitor in view.

Bagan's Anada Temple is completely wonderful and shows unbelievable architectural, carved stones and Buddhistic pictures. The Shwezigon Pagoda, which carries a gilded cupola glistening in the bright light, lies beside the canal. The Sulamani Temple, also known as the "crown jewel", houses well-preserved frescoes and wallpainting representing buddhistic szenes.

The Htilominlo Temple of Bagan is another favourite stop, but the many stores in the inner court give it a rather lively feeling. Dammayangyi Temple is an imposing building, but at the moment it is not very nice, as it is still being restored. Beyond the beloved temple and ruin, store owners can be very intrusive, so be careful of touristic fraud in Bagan.

SWEDAGON is the most amazing Temples I have ever seen. It is a magic view to see the golden gleaming shining glass covered with hundred of beads. It has a tip set with diamond, and is said to have more wealth in the stupa, one of which is a Buddha hairdry.

The Botataung Lagoon also preserves holy Buddha-Haare ( "Buddha seems to like to let individual pieces of the land behind) and looks over the Yangon River. The gilded shagoda looks very similar to the shwedagon and is much calmer, so it can be a good place to take more cooler kites. There is a huge, 66 metre long, lying Buddha with embossed icons on its legs in the prominent Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple.

In Yangon, leave the well-trodden trail and visit the Buangdawgyoke Pagoda, also known as the Serpenttempel. There are about 50 solid Python of Burma in this amazing building. Kuthadow Pagoda is known as the biggest volume in the word, labeled with 729 plates of sandstone with Buddhistic intonations. Mrauk U is one of Myanmar's best-kept mysteries.

Kothaung, also known as the 90,000 Buddha image sanctuary, is thus underestimated. It has no other tourist and has really nice stonecarvings that tell tales of Buddha's conquest against the demon. Another awesome sanctuary with Buddha's in stones that line the inner corridors. The Htukkanthein-Tempel is quite big and somehow resembles a labyrinth.....

This corridor winds around like a serpent until you get to the Buddha in the middle. Myaw Yit Pagoda at the end of the peninsula Dawei is completely stunning! It is a functioning sanctuary with a resident monk community that still lives there and offers an unbelievable view of the Andaman Sea.

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