Myanmar what to do

What to do in Myanmar

While food is a major part of Burmese life, Myanmar is also home to lakes, mountains, waterfalls, markets and pagodas. Because of the poor infrastructure, it can be much slower and more inconvenient. So we spent a month in Myanmar and tracked exactly what we spent. Because of the country's conservative nature, there are a few things you should know about Myanmar and its customs and behaviors. Lake Inle is an absolutely breathtaking part of Myanmar.

In Myanmar 7 Must Do's

We' ve had the privilege of being in Myanmar for 16 nights this January and there has been so much to see and do that it can be difficult to decide what to do. These are our Top 5 Must Do's in Myanmar: It lasts about 3 hrs and runs along the edge of Yangon.

It' s rough and it' s warm, but it gives you an immersive insight into what Yangon is like and how the locals have been travelling for years. So we went on a trip with Urban Adventures, where we got off the trains to go to a small village fair, and that was a very enlightening one.

When you don't have the timeframe or money, the ride on the rail itself will be a very interesting one. Most of the architectural design was created during the British rule of Myanmar, and the old building still stands, and leaves some very interesting roads to walk along.

For half a days we walked the city of Yangon and discovered some of the most amazing sights we have seen in all of Asia. It' s interesting to see the hectic pace of Southeast Asia, in combination with the architectural style reminiscent of Europe. Burma has a violent past that has affected the way the country's cultures and peoples are today.

Burma was under army control for several years, and only recently have Myanmar's tourist restrictions been lifted. Even today, the land is not entirely tranquil; there are those who suffer in areas where it is not permitted for visitors to be there. What was important to us before our trip to Myanmar was to know what the local population and the countryside have been through for over 100 years, and it is a cruel and intriguing story about which we would like to inform you before your trip.

Myanmar's night busses can vary from relatively comfy + beautiful to unpleasant + not so beautiful. No matter how much you want to spend on a luxurious or non-luxury coach, we suggest you take at least one night coach to enjoy this one.

It' probably going to be unpleasant, there may be or may not be AC, there may be singing aloud all dark, and you'll probably get to your next target, weary AF, but it's only once-while! It' a must in Myanmar!

Sunrises are more pleasant than the sunsets in Bagan and you will be far less than that. It was one of our favourite Myanmar adventures and a reminder we won't soon forget! It is nice to watch the sun set at the U-leg platform, but it is not completely without a stroll across the monument!

Get there early enough to cross the length of the viaduct and reach a great vantage point to capture the last sunbeams. Interested in what else we've done? Watch our podcasts about Myanmar:

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