Myanmar Westside

Burma Westside

These are a list of other Buddhist leaders, organizations and personalities who have also condemned the persecution of Rohingya by Myanmar: We're uploading the latest Myanmar movie to our channel, so follow it. MYANMAR/BURMA AND VIETNAM EXPERIENCES. Through Amy Summer on Westside today through Dani Stein on diets in the report. Yangon's largest park, People's Park, is located opposite the west side of the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Myanmar Marriage Presents Website Launched

Myanmar's first website for weddings,, opened on Thursday. This website allows visitors and couples to "create a fully customizable anniversary present list". They will have their own mini-site on where they can exchange information about the marriage. "They are able to announce their pre-wedding figures and the visitor will be able to see the present schedule they want to recieve as bridal gifts," Rowan said.

Once registered on, the bridegroom and newlyweds can send the wish lists to the guests by clicking the Facebook button or placing them on the invitations-cards.

Burma (Myanmar)

An estimation of the number of pioneering ministers needed for the first unmet community to plant a congregation per state. Estimations are computed only for unattained groups of persons and are on the basis of a relation of 1 employee per 50,000 persons who live in an unattained group of persons per state. Several of our employees may already be on site.

Beyond this first estimation, much more manpower is needed.

Buddhistic support

The Buddhism has a well-deserved call in the vernacular as a non-violent, tranquil faith that refuses hate and transmits sympathy. Pictures of the self-immolation of Buddhist friars who protest against the US incursion and the backing of a repressive Southern Vietnamese regime have sunk into the minds of peoples all over the globe. Buddhism, like many other faiths, is not exempt from being plundered and armed by monarchs and commanders who have tried to increase their powers.

Nowadays, Buddhism is on the increase throughout South Asia. Theravada Buddhism, the dominating thread of Buddhism in South Asia, has seen groups emerging in recent years that link Buddhism with extremism in Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka and Thailand. Burmese indigenous militants and their followers have been convicted by Burmese Islamic groups in Burma and around the world.

The Dalai Lama has denounced Myanmar's repression of Rohingya in 2012, 2015 and 2017. These are a lists of other Buddhaist rulers, organisations and personalities who have also denounced Myanmar's prosecution of Rohingya:

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