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Bago, formerly known as Hanthawaddy, is a city and capital of the Bago region in Myanmar. An Hindu villager looks at the site of an alleged mass grave in Myanmar. Kyauk Phyu, Rakhine State, West Burma, cemeteries in Upper Burma. Construction site worker in Dawei, Myanmar, in December. We use cookies to improve your user experience.

Myanmar: View: In Myanmar, China is recovering while the West is withdrawing.

DoƱald Trump's erratic and transaction-based stance, which directly contradicts the former Obama administration's stance, has not helped the US and its foreign counterparts to bring China's commercial and strategic power in Myanmar into balance..... China's Myitsone Reservoir was abandoned by the Myanmar authorities in 2011; China's Letpadaung was also abandoned due to local protests, leading to the realization that China was grounded in Myanmar.

It has also become a mediator in peacemaking and conciliation negotiations between the Myanmar administration and the United Wa State Army (UWSA) run ethnically based organizations (EAO) that have not ratified the national ceasefire agreement. We know that China is continuing to provide assistance to mighty ethnically based arms groups such as the UWSA and others.

Several Rohingya fighters' assaults on Myanmar's Myanmar police force at the end of August and the resulting violent reaction of Tatmadaw led to an expedition from Rohingya to Bangladesh. As the UN and many other countries denounced the violation of international humanitarian law, the Chinese expanded their assistance to Myanmar. As Myanmar's UN General assembly urged an end to the Rohingyas militia action and demanded the nomination of a UN High Representative, China rejected the motion.

The EU and the US have both halted their strategic contact with Myanmar's Army and are currently examining all forms of operational co-operation in the field of defense, what they have described as a proportionate use of violence against Rohingyas. China has also proved to be a vital intermediary between Myanmar and Bangladesh on the issue of the repatriation of Rohingya migrants.

Apparently China's Secretary of State Wang Yi paid a visit to Myanmar in November and proposed a three-step process for Myanmar and Bangladesh to resolve the Rohingya crises - to ensure a cease-fire and restore peace, discussions between the two nations on the Rohingya returns and Rakhine relief and relief. It also announced that it was prepared to abandon the Myitsone suspension if it could obtain further strategy elsewhere in Myanmar.

That is why Beijing has pushed for other strategical missions in Myanmar. China obtained 70 percent of the capital for the Kyaukphyu deepwater harbor on the Bay of Arakan, which provides the country with strategical entry to the Bay of Bengal. Notwithstanding the fact that the local people objected to the scheme.

The deepwater harbor will be the core of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative in Myanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi participated in the BRI Forum session in mid-May 2017 as a sign of assistance. As China consolidated its footprint, India in turn pursued its commitment to Myanmar, with PM Modi in Myanmar in September 2017.

India provided funding for socio-economic and business start-up activities in the state of Rakhine during the Minister of State S. Jaishankar's December trip to Myanmar. There is no doubt that in order to offset China's influence, India needs to rapidly implement current developments and implement further infrastructural and interconnectivity in Myanmar as part of its Act East and Neighbourhood First policy.

It is also necessary for India to support common development cooperation programmes with third country partners such as Japan.

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