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Myanmar Western Rocky Dive Site. One of Myanmar's closest dive sites, Western Rocky is also one of the best dive sites in Burma. It is one of the largest and holiest religious sites in Burma. Burma in the wider context of US-China relations. The name Anyathian comes from the sites found in the dry zone of Central Myanmar.


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Scuba Diving Burma - Dive Sites Burma (Myanmar)

Scuba in Burma, also known as Myanmar, is quite common, but there are not so many possibilities. Mergui Archipelago is frequented by Phuket and Khao Lak safaris. Divesites extend over a large area of the oceans, and Burma safaris are usually between 6 and 10 days long.

Mergui Island is gorgeous and untouched and only a few groups of Moken Seegazi. Burma's major tourist attractions have always been the opportunity to see large size fishing - many types of shark and ray can be found in Burma's water, although in recent years the area has attracted more and more scuba diving enthusiasts looking for marine wildlife and scarce marine creatures that cannot be found elsewhere.

Only a few liveaboard trips to Burma and no bases in Myanmar yet. Scuba is more suitable for advanced scuba diver looking for new places away from the crowd. Burma's divesites are certainly not overcrowded - you can't see another submersible during your whole journey!

Diving at these locations is only possible on a Burmese diving safari. At the moment there are only a few diving safaris to Burma - see here: Burma Lifeaboards. It is one of the most dramatic diving spots in the Mergui Islands with an exquisite diversity of marine environments and an array of large pelagic species such as silvertips, greytips, blacktips, bullfish, eagle and manta ray.

In the lower areas there are wonderful hard coralsformation. Situated 80km off the Myanmar coastline, Western Rocky features a shallow cliff, great whale dives and several outcrops. There is a passage through the islands with many crawfish and mostly large cormorants. Meetings with whitetips, greyreefsharks, blacktips or even bullsharks are widespread.

This is one of the best places in the Andaman Sea, also known as "3 Islands". There is a canal on the principalland at 14-18m which will lead you to a small basin with greyreefsharks. At the other side of the shell a passage to the other side of the isle and a wonderful harder algaeef.

This is a mixture of precipitous drips and gently sloping cliffs around a small islet known as High Rock. It is only 18-25m deep with many hard corals and beaker corals, especially in the lower areas. It is only 35 leagues from Kawthaung and is often scuba diving on the last days of atrips.

The small islet, encircled by a shallow sea, has a sound dive site and a good opportunity to see bigger saltwater species, such as the school of Devil Stingrays, a smaller sister of Mantas. On the western end of the isle is a small cliff that falls into the depth and allows a view of one or two sharks.

Continue along the crest to the isle and you will come to the great biodiversity area. Burma Banks is a group of sea mountains about 180 km northwest of the Similan Islands. The majority of our vessels no longer go to the banks and dive at the better spots of the Mergui Archipelago.

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