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Would you like to watch this video again later ? You like this video? You don't like this video? Gadawon & Than Zaw Aung's wedding gift took place on November 16, 2014 at their Yangon home. Gadawon, famous actor & modell, and Than Zaw Aung were signing their wedding certification the same date.

They will celebrate their wedding on February 10, 2015.

Marriage video poses issues about Myanmar junta lifestyles

This video of an flamboyant wedding for the Myanmar army leader's sister has asked about the lifestyle of the members of..... BANGKOK, Thailand - A video of an flamboyant wedding for the Myanmar Army leader's daughter raises issues about the lifestyle of members of the reigning regime in the poor state.

Thandar Shwe, son of Senior General Than Shwe, head of the military regime, shows the leaky video in a breathtaking selection of diamond-studded jewellery and flamboyant clothes. Irrawaddy, a prestigious on-line journal published by Myanmar's banned Thailand reporters, said the wedding was costing $300,000 and the pair were receiving wedding presents valued at $50 million, although it did not say how it got the numbers.

A video of the July wedding in a Myanmar capital's Yangon lobby began to run on video DVDs about three months ago, and Irrawaddy released a video share on YouTube this weekend. Bridegroom on video is Maj. Phyo Win, Assistant Secretary of Commerce.

There was no comments from the administration on the video, and its credibility could not be verified, but the leader of the regime and their family were easy for the individuals they were known to. There was no idea how the video was received. YouTube' video is taken from a personal post.

The way everything was financed is another mystery, because this luxury would not simply be payable for the government's famous low wages in Myanmar, also known as Burma. Principals of the regime have cleaned up their last premier, a fellow soldier, partly on charges of allegations of bribery. Myanmar's New York-based United Nations said that no officers were available to make comments.

This video shows the usually tightly lace-up, fierce members of the military regime seated on golden ornamental golden seats and dressed in tradition. Presenting luxuries - including a five-step wedding tart and bubbly - came as a big shock to many, as most of the 55 million in Myanmar can hardly make ends meet. 2.

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