Myanmar Wedding Photo

Burma Wedding Photo

and we love documenting weddings in Myanmar. Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Myanmar for your target wedding? There is a saying in Myanmar (Burma): "Three things: But Myanmar was a whole new experience. Myanmar's wedding guide, including an unmissable shopping guide.

Burma Wedding Photoist

I' m Simon - Myanmar wedding photographe. We' re Katja & Simon Photography. Burma is one of the most scenic places in the whole wide globe and you have chosen to get wed in this one-of-a-kind city. Burma offers some of the best places in the wide web for a wedding or getaway, so we are sure that your wedding party will be astonishing.

Looking for a wedding photo artist from Myanmar? We' d be honoured to be celebrating this with our wedding photograph. Yes, we definitely are documenting wedding or getaway parties in Myanmar. I and Katja are focusing on Myanmar's marriages and escapes. We' re available for travel and are very fond of Myanmar.

Wedding photographs are spur-of-the-moment, inventive and original, but also romantically and ageless. and the little private moment in between. We' d like to be your wedding photographer! We' d like to be part of your daily life and enjoy sharing good times and taking great snaps.

Myanmar Bagan Wedding Photographer - Katja & Simon Photography

They' re lovers of the past, so they have chosen Bagan as their wedding location in Myanmar. Her wedding was small and private, but full of affection from her immediate relatives and best mates. It was a hinduistic celebration of their affection. Taking pictures of a Hindus wedding was totally new to us.

We' re so thankful that we had the chance to participate in this wedding in such a nice place with such cordial persons. Not only is Bagan distinguished by the multitude of Myanmar's monuments, but also by the great architectural style of the building and its contributions to Burma's temples.

Bagan's pagoda architectural craftsmanship is proof of the craftsmanship of the Myanmarians. It is an old town in the Mandalay area of Myanmar. Arun and Spandana enjoy travelling and they wanted to live this enthusiasm and emotion with their family. So, they asked her to go all the way to Myanmar to party together.

but in the end, it was her favourite target. A major reason was to take with them families and boyfriends who would probably never come to this state. It was the capitol of the first Myanmar Empire and is now one of the wealthiest archeological places in Southeast Asia.

Bagan is 42 square kilometres in area with over 2000 well-preserved 11th and 13th centuries palagodas and shrines. It is not raining and has one of the best climatic zones for tourists all year round. Sadly we were not so fortunate because it was raining every day and so we lost the beautiful sunrise with warm aerials floating over the pagoda.

We had a wonderful sundown and it made us want to come back. "When we first began to plan our wedding, we didn't know how difficult it would be to do it all by ourselves. Thought it would be really easy to find a place, find a good place and find a photographer it is.

I had 6 month to schedule and I approached Katja and Simon at the beginning of the whole scheduling time. Someday I happened to land on their website while I was looking for a wedding photographer who could go to Myanmar to photograph our wedding. I was fascinated by her nice photos.


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