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Burma Wedding

It is a traditional Myanmar wedding in the Ti Pi Da Kat wedding hall in Yangon. You are guaranteed an unforgettable wedding with precious memories. Though Myanmar does not immediately come to mind as a wedding destination, it is no less romantic. All you need for a successful wedding, from guest rooms to large banquet rooms. High-quality Myanmar Wedding inspired T-shirts, posters, mugs and more from independent artists and designers from all over the world.

Myanmar Wedding tradition

Marriage traditions in Myanmar differ according to ethnical groups. There are different types of wedding ceremony, especially in countries like Myanmar, because we have different faiths. Marriages in the big cities have a parade or cars for the wedding procession; full-fledged tape-cutting tools such as trompets and the trumpet, as well as lamps throughout the city. This, of course, causes more costs.

The marriages are totally different from the traditionally secluded rural marriages.

A short guideline for weddings, celebrations, what to give as a gift and why you should never give it away again.

This is a short instruction to certificates, partys, what to give as a present and why you should never give it away again. FIRST thing to know about Myanmar's marriages is that they don't have much to offer historically, at least as far as the wedding celebration is concerned. What's more, it's the first thing you should know about them. Tradtionally (and still today, especially in the countryside ), a wedding celebration could be to inform the neighbors and villagers that a married pair is now considered.

Marriages for Christians in Myanmar are usually more complicated rituals, similar to those in the West, but for Buddhist people they are generally more tradition. Families can either ask a friar to come to their homes for a benediction, or they can go to a convent where the pair, with only a few members of the familiy or intimate ones, offers charity to the friars or hear a homily.

In a more intimate wedding, the wedding and groom's hand are bound together with a band of silks and immersed in a cup of scented waters. Even though the ceremonies are relatively easy, this does not mean that they do not matter. Traditionally in Myanmar, marriages are the last of a woman's three most important rituals of transition, after her baptism and when she gets her ear punctured during adolescence.

In fact, much more in the run-up to the wedding shooting - usually several in the open air at a different location - is actually invested in the wedding shooting than actually getting it. Political groups that take place the following days are the place where the actual activity takes place. Usually the breakfast is at home, where anyone who is loose with the spouse and bridegroom can stop by for a cup of cup of tea, a cup of cup of coffee and a cup of cakes, and show their respect.

Clothed in their full wedding ensembles, the two usually walk through the room, greet the guest and pose for pictures before they turn into something more cozy for the remainder of the night. As a rule, these more expensive celebrations are organised by more wealthy people. Charles-Patrick Rowan is the creator and chief executive officer of Mingalar Let Phwe (known as My Wedding Gift List ), an on-line store that allows pairs to make a register of gifts whose content can be purchased on-line by visitors.

He said that money is by far the most loved present, followed by paddy stoves, electrical ventilators and sheets. However you would be advised not to use the above listing as a guidebook on what to give at the next wedding you are attending; Rowan said a new pair is responsible to begin getting married living with a half a dozen paddy stoves and enough linens to deliver a small motel.

One part of the appeal of this group of three goods, Rowan said, is just their sizableness. Larger is better for wedding presents, and it's not unusual for a pair to unpack a giant carton just to detect a thin wrapper of money. "At a very prosperous wedding, you could give a case for an electrical ventilator, but inside the case are keys to a new automobile instead of the ventilator," Rowan said.

There is a pair of chocolate boxes that Rowan has been given by an accidental friend just to find an inexpensive one. It is interesting to note that the most impudent presents come more from parents' employees than from their families and closest to them.

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