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Pages in category "Ministries of Myanmar". The list also includes other large companies. The MIMU products updated this week can be viewed via the links on the MIMU website: Refreshed information graphic about landmine contamination and deaths in Myanmar. Have a look at the complete list of notarial and documentary services we offer.

Myanmar University Lists

Below is a complete listing of Myanmar University institutions by state and region[1][2] Almost all of Myanmar's large and nationwide university institutions are located in the Yangon and Mandalay regions. Burma's higher-educational system is fully state-organized and its higher educational institutions are organized according to their field of study.

More than 150 of the state's higher education institutions are run by various departments. Thus, for example, the Free and Natural Science University such as Yangon University and Mandalay University are run by the Ministry of Education,[2] the Faculties of Medicine of the Ministry of Health,[3] and the Technology University of the Ministry of Science and Technology,[4] privately funded institutions of higher education provide the inhabitants with common diplomas in some areas such as technology and business schooling.

PHWINT THIT SA UPDATE: Almost half of Myanmar's largest companies do not yet have a website

The MCRB has started the Pwint Thit Sa initiative, also known as Transparancy in Myanmar Enterprises (TiME), to increase the visibility of businesses in Myanmar. 6 of the six-week period following the completion of the study, we examined the web sites of 60 Myanmar-based businesses that are major economic actors in the state. We' ve found that only 34 of them, i.e. just over half, have sites.

Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB) informed on 18 March about the TiME/Pwint Thit Sa initiative, which aims to increase Myanmar companies' visibility in the areas of anti-corruption, organisational openness and respect for people, healthcare, security and the enviroment. It assesses enterprises on the information they publish on their web sites.

Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business Director Vicky Bowman said: "Six months after the launch of the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business, we have been reviewing the sites of 60 Myanmar-based businesses that are major actors in the country's business community. We' ve found that only 34 of them, i.e. just over half, have sites. Several of these sites provide information about the structures of your group.

However, very few of them use these sites to share other good corporate citizenship and corporate responsibility issues. "However, we are encouraging that a number of businesses have already made contact with us to review the projects and how they can increase their visibility. This is the aim of the Pwint Thit Sa project: the recognition of best practises of businesses in Myanmar where they exist and the promotion of their takeover by others.

Our next move will be to get in touch with the businesses with our designs in the first weeks of May," Vicky added. They will be invited to send us more information and post it on their web pages. We believe, for example, that some businesses already have a code of ethics or a corporate responsibility policy.

However, it may not have crossed their minds that there is a value for them in terms of goodwill and goodwill, and an advantage for Myanmar's entire community when they are open to the general public. a... They have two month to provide further information. The Myanmar Centre for Responsible Busi-ness (MCRB) is a Yangon-based project financed by the UK, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Ireland and is the result of a partnership between the UK Institute of Human Rights and the Danish Institute for Human Rights.

It has been created to create an efficient and legal framework for creating awareness, capability and dialog on good governance in Myanmar on the basis of community needs and global norms, leading to more accountable businesses. Enterprises for the research projects were selected from the Top 100 trade taxpayers and Top 100 taxable persons of the German IRS.

Also other large enterprises were taken up to the listing. In the first April/May weeks, businesses will be notified of the research on their web pages. Organizations have the ability to easily find or include additional information on their website. Myanmar Enterprises transparency: The best are getting better, but what about the others?

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