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Myanmar gives Bangladesh a list of Rohingya for repatriation

Bangladesh's Interior Secretary said on Friday that he submitted a register of more than 8,000 Rohingya for review by Naypyidaw under a bi-lateral agreement to return tens of thousand displaced persons while he met with a top Myanmar officer in Dhaka. Ministers' discussions took place on the second of three days of a trip to Bangladesh's capitol by Kyaw Tint Swe, the Myanmar State Counselor's Office ministre.

But Kyaw Tint Swe didn't talk to a reporter after the rendezvous. Mr Khan said that junior officers would gather in Myanmar next weekend to review proceedings to return another 6,500 Rohingya escapees who have been trapped in a no man's country between Bandarban, a county in southeast Bangladesh, and the Myanmar frontier, back to the state of Rakhine.

A minimum of 688,000 Rohingya migrants have arrived in Bangladesh since 25 August 2017, when Myanmar's military personnel started a violent "evacuation operation" in reprisal of rebel rebels' attack on policing and military outposts. In October 2016, ten thousand other Rohingya who could be repatriated escaped an early eruption of force in Rakhine.

On 20 February, Myanmar will host a regional official gathering focusing on Rohingya, which has been left on the brink of collapse in no man's country. The Rohingya, who are trapped on the lane between the two lands, have lodged complaints that Myanmar's police have thrown rocks at them to compel them to come to Bangladesh.

He said, "Thousands of men have been on the beach here for a few long hours. By condemning the United Nations and non-governmental organisations for accusing Myanmar's police of having committed horrors and "ethnic cleansing" against the civilian population of Rohingya, Myanmar and Bangladesh on 23 November 2017 concluded an agreement to return at least 700,000 Rohingya.

At the first session on 16 January, the 30-member group finalised the text of the readmission treaty. "Yet 100-150 come to Bangladesh every single night. This is an item we discussed at today's sitting. "We' ve pointed out on several occasions that they would again be crossing the border[back to Bangladesh] if these poeple felt insecure, remained in danger of being persecuted and could no longer earn a living," Khan said to journalists, pointing to the Rohingya, a stateless Myanmar ethnic group.

Maungdaw was a two-day trip following a UN Security Council information meeting on the North Rakhine issue. A number of member states demanded assurances for the Rohingya's secure and volunteer returnees and unimpeded entry for human aid to the area.

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