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Raping puts Myanmar's army on the "UN list of shame.

For the first year in a row, the United Nations Secretary-General has added Myanmar or Tatmadaw to his list of political groups that have perpetrated acts of sexually assaulted persons in conflicts. Today's UN Security Council resolution describes the conflict-related sexually assaulted population in 19 nations in 2017 by domestic and non-state armed groups and points to their use as weapons of arms of aggression and warfare.

It states that "the wide-spread threats and use of sexually explicit acts of force by Myanmar's forces were an integrated part of its policy, degrading, terrorizing civilizations and collective punishment". RAHRINGYA woman and girl - "as guardians and propagandists of ethnical identity" - were targetted for both their ethnical affiliation and their family.

The Human Rights Watch also noted that the army has perpetrated a high incidence of sexually assaulted females among the offences against humanitarianism perpetrated during the "eviction operations" that began in October 2016 and August 2017. They used rapes not only to drive the casualties out of their houses, but also to stir up a profound anxiety about their return.

Rohingya trafficked and exploited in neighbouring Bangladesh - 60 per cent of the more than 680,000 Rohingya migrants since August - facing major issues, which include insufficient availability of sex and reproduction healthcare, long-term mental traumas and the risks of human traffic and abuse. Myanmar's army has long been involved in the country's continuing violent ethnical conflict, and the Secretary-General's account states that recent battles in Kachin and Shan states have also resulted in mistreatment of female and female safety forces.

UN envoy Pramila Patten held a meeting in December with Myanmar de facto head Aung San Suu Kyi and senior army officers to make engagements to combat conflict-related sexually assaulted persons. Today the Security Councils also received a hearing from Razia Sultana, a Rohingya attorney and attorney, who called on the Councils to expel the entire spectrum of Myanmar horrors to the International Criminal Court.

It is now up to the Councils to take steps against the outrageous acts of the army and follow their call.

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