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Private sector development is vital for the country," VP U Myint Swe told Myanmar's entrepreneurs. Officially, the Czech Republic uses Myanmar, although its Foreign Ministry mentions both Myanmar and Burma on its website. WHICH LINKS THE ENTIRE TELECOMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY IN MYANMAR. We use cookies to provide the necessary functionality of the website and to improve your online experience. Site Web de la Ligue nationale pour la démocratie (NLD).

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PYYI Thu Hluttaw, Lower Chamber, started a new website: on January 17, with the goal of obtaining precise information on time and effective, he said in the declaration. The website of First Myanmar Investment Co Ltd. is the most open of 100 major Myanmar corporations, according to a Myanmar Center For Responsible Business (MCRB) rank.

The Open Myanmar Initiative has started a website dealing with the government's finances. Myanmar puts Thahara, a hospitality research site, at the top of the list to help travelers find properties that are often abandoned by large tour operators, but not because of poor service. In the context of this government's term of office, a website to provide information and information on the Yangon region's property will be established.

Myanmar's top news agency, 7Day Technology, which provides various automotive ratings, is extending its coverage of the web through its new website to train auto users before they are retailer., a regional tariff comparison website, has extended its range of goods and offered a range of additional features to increase the volume of on-line travel on its website.

This website was relaunched in June of this year. Work. com. mm, a website for locals, has enhanced its website and refreshed the page entitled Work Journal, where following an advertisement from work. com. mm, people looking for work can find professional items, current messages and vacancies. Ministry of Commerce has created a website,, which is designed to gather and view information and statistical information on commercial enterprises and raw material costs across the state.

According to a declaration by Open Data Myanmar, a civic association that supports the website, a website devoted to the exchange of information on countryside, agricultural areas and urban sprawl is to be extended. According to the Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB), a website to support tourism in Myanmar will be established this year with the help of the International Trade Center (ITC).

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