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New Myanmar Web Portal

Burma Website Portal for easy access to the people of Myanmar in one place! Republic of Myanmar. The Ministry of Transport and Communications Department of Civil Aviation DCA H.Q Building Yangon International Airport The state telecommunications operator Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) has launched a new web portal for its customers. We' ll provide you with the latest news, insights, opportunities and events from Myanmar's water sector.

Have a look at the statistics of the MOI web portal Myanmar Facebook, such as the number of fans, the engagement rate and the distribution of fans by country.

AIS-Webportal DCA Myanmar

After successfully switching from AIS to AIM, we are re-designing the AIS web pages to incorporate the new functionality. You will soon be able to deposit your timetables and get briefings on-line. We will also provide real-time NOTAM alerts for NOF Myanmar.

This is a transient release of the AIS Myanmar website that provides you with the latest information on AIP, Supplement, AIC and eTOD information. Many thanks for your attendance on the Myanmar AIS Webportal. To access NOTAM and PIB on-line, please go to the AIS Pilot Portal.

MTP Launches Web Portal for Smartphone Users

The state-owned telecommunications provider Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) has started a new web portal for its clients. This web portal, named Lo-taYa, is intended for smart phone subscribers to get information, messages and MPTs in one place, the wireless provider said. LocaYa offers a portal from which the user can get the latest information and the latest messages about Myanmar and the whole worl.

The user can also obtain information on meteorological conditions, currencies and other MPT-related Value Added Services (VAS). LoTaYa's web portal is available at Access to the home page is available in the Myanmar languages and does not charge for it. They are collaborating with Yangon Media Group and 7Day to deliver the message substance.

MPT will also release the MPT Test System together with LoTaYa, which is available at Lo Ta Ya and the Google Play Store. The following MPTs are available to clients through this application: You can use, LoTaYa Webportal, Transfert de solde, Aufladen, Internetpaket, Callervices, MPT Call Center, MPT Call Center, MPT Website et MPT Facebook.

Now MPT is claiming to have over 19 million Myanmar-user.

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