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provisions available until 10 July 2015: Rains will be dispersed in Shan State, fairly common in the regions of Lower Sagaing, Mandalay, Magway and Taninthayi, Kayah State and common in other regions and states with the probability of occasional severe storms in Upper Sagaing Region, Chin, Rakhine and Mon States.

The level of safety is (100%). SEA STATE: Storms with harsh sea are sometimes to be expected off and along the coasts of Myanmar. Chance of precipitation in the areas of Central Myanmar. prognosis for naypyitaw and tilting booring area for 10 July 2015: one or two rains. The level of safety is (100%).

PROGNOSE FOR YANGON AND NEIGHBOURING AREA FOR 10 July 2015: Some rains. The level of safety is (100%). PROGNOSIS FOR MANDALAY AND NEIGHBOURING AREA FOR 10 July 2015: Isolated pour. The level of safety is (80%).

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