Myanmar Weather September

Weather in Myanmar September

Myanmar in September, weather in September: Burmese weather in September marks a sharp decline in precipitation throughout the county from August. Well-known as the coldest capital on earth, temperatures fall below freezing from September to May. Weather in Myanmar is excessively hot. What is the best place to visit Thailand in September?

Weather in Myanmar in September - Myanmar Tours

September is the end of the rainy period in Myanmar, as precipitation is likely to be dampened and temperature is also dropping, but still remains in the high 1920s and even early 1930s. Unlike many other places in Myanmar, the hot and dry areas are the main plain just south of Mandalay, with low 30's°C and minimum rain.

Precipitation and temperature will decline towards the end of September. Unfavourable weather leads to a small number of visitors, the proximity of bathing places and the difficulties to travel a large part of the state. A visit to Myanmar during the course of the months will entail some restrictions, but September will really provide something, especially in the second half of the months, that offers travel enthusiasts with stunning scenery, unparalleled architectural and genuine Myanmar cultural amenities absolute beautiful weather conditons.

Weather in September - Myanmar Tours

The Yangon region sees a significant weather turnaround in September as precipitation is likely to ease and the weather tends to fall. Yangon's monthly mean is 81.14°F (27.3°C). Maximum temperatures can be 32°C in the afternoon or 22°C during the 10 chosen nights.

The daylight interval this months is brief, as the longest is only 3 min. longer than the shorter one. The clear skies return to Yangon in December, but the cloud is supposed to clear by the end of the months. It' good to know that it will rain a few rainy nights a year.

Rainfall is 14% - with at least 10% of the outbreak occurring at the beginning of this monthly and the 4% (offset) at the end of the monthly period. But there is great anticipation that there will be storms and mild rain in Yangon at the beginning of the mont.

In Yangon the weather is more favourable in September.

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