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Weather in Yangon for today, weather forecast for Yangon, Burma for today. Average May weather in Rangoon, Yangon, Myanmar. Dozens of cities and countries across Asia with forecasts, current weather and climate information. The app shows detailed current weather with information about: Much of Myanmar has a tropical monsoon climate with three seasons:.

Huge hail storms in Myanmar after fatal windstorm that killed eight people and damaged building | Weather | News

Severe winds in Myanmar caused the terrible hailstorm that broke through the homes at the weekends. The hail grains are so large that they make large cavities in the soil when they hit the soil. Images from the area show roofs torn by the Flood, while others show the disastrous torrents that have also hit the area.

Mandalay inhabitant Yin Myo added: "I was scared of the heavy winds, the rains and the hail when I saw out the sash. "Some of the grains of hail were as big as golballs, most of them as big as icecubes that you put in drinks."

Burma prepares for cyclone Maarutha

The Bengal Gulf crisis has worsened into a profound crisis, continuing north-northeast towards Myanmar. Now the system is visible above the eastern-central and adjacent southeastern Bay of Bengal and moves at a rate of 28 km/h. It is currently located at 13.7 degrees latitude and 89.5 degrees longitude eastward, about 350 km from Maya Bandar, Andaman and Nicobar to the WNW and 740 km to the SW of Kyaukpyu, Myanmar.

There' s a good chance he's still headed north-northeast. This hurricane is called'Cyclone Maarutha'. However, as it is a fast-moving system, the approach of landmass can prevent it from becoming stronger. Therefore, the weatherman expects it to be downgraded to either severe or severe depressive disorder at the moment of landing.

Weather conditions are expected to cover the Myanmar coastline between Sittwe and Sandway on the morning of 17 April. Gusting wind will also blow over the area at the moment of landing.

Maarutha cyclone lands in Myanmar | Myanmar News

Maarutha landed on the Rakhine coastline of Myanmar on Monday evening. On 15 April, it was first categorised as a tropic crisis in the Bay of Bengal, but was never likely to be a great cyclone. 2. It was anticipated that the breeze would blow up to 100 kilometers per hours and some storm damages were announced in Yangon, but the actual danger was always that it rained.

Thandwe was hit by the hurricane, with constant wind speeds of more than 60 km/h and strong rains, but it was constantly weakening as it changed with the indented area. This fast-dissolving cycle led over the Irrawaddy and Naypyitaw. Its coastline is jagged and no significant tidal wave has been predicted.

The shafts were flogged by the hurricane, but it traveled quite fast, so they were not very big either. But during this type of rainfall, the hill between the big rivers and the shore is more susceptible to landslips. The Maarutha is the first designated hurricane in the tropics in the northern Hemisphere this year.

As a rule, the Bengal Gulf cycle consists of two parts: the first part preceded the rise of the south-west Bengalonson and the second, usually more severe, follows the fallback.

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