Myanmar Weather June

Weather in Myanmar June

Southeast monsoon brings rain all over the country in May and monsoon storms in June. Weather in Mandalay in June is generally very hot and wet. Will the climate in Myanmar be good in June? One unidentified spokesman said the weather was not a factor in the disappearance of the plane. Mean temperature, sunshine, precipitation, wind and wave conditions for Ngwesaung Beach, Myanmar in June.

Weather in Myanmar - the rainy season

There are three distinct tourist periods in Myanmar and June is the wet one. In May, the south-east moon brings rains all over the land, and in June it is raining rains. It rains about 51 inch in the coast and about 36 inch in the Mandalay area. The temperature is dropping a little.

It is recommended to do outdoor in June. Weather is colder than in recent weeks as June tends to be warmer. The daily and overnight temperature averages 36°C (96°F) and 29°C (85°F). The overall rain quantity is 10. Four-inch and there' s 22 rainin' nights. June is a good time to visit Yangon city centre with fewer people.

You are advised to visit Saint Mary's, Myanmar's biggest and most beautiful church. It is strongly advised to take the scenic tour to see different scenery in Myanmar. Clothes: Trousers and long-sleeved shirts are necessary, as it is sometimes chilly. Please take your waistcoat and your trousers for warmth. Please take your own umbrellas or raincoats for rainfall.

Weather in June is warm and moist, with an daily mean of 34°C (93°F) and a precipitation of 4.1 in. Flight and some vistas are affected by the strong rains. Clothes: Please take your own waistcoat and trousers, as it is still warm during the daytime. You will need a long-sleeved jersey or fleet in the mornings and evenings.

Please be sure to wear a raincover and non-slip boots. Weather is still scorchingly warm and reaches its highest annual temp of 44°C (111°F). The daily and overnight mean air temp. is 42°C (105°F) and 30°C (87°F). The overall precipitation is 2.8-inch. They should take a look at the LONJI, the folk costume of Myanmar.

Buddhism was widespread in Bagan before the introduction of Buddhism, and the cult of nature is still a great tourist magnet in what is now Myanmar. Clothes: trousers, thin cloak, waistcoat, short, sun cream, sun hat, sunshade, parasol, raincover, non-slip heels. Averaging 83°F (28°C) and 66°F (19°C) daily and overnight temperature, Inle Lake will feel snug but not glowing heat.

Rainfall in June is 7. 3 inch and there are 18 rainingdays. Clothes: Please take T-shirts and short for the day and a thin jacket and long-sleeved shirt for the cool afternoons. Also, you will need an Umbrella and Hats. In contrast to other places in Myanmar, Ngapali Beach is suffering from the severe effects of the wet seasons.

There are no cheap trips to and from Ngapali in June. The month of June is for tourists because of the strong rains in the low tourist seasons. About Myanmar in June? Hoi An is the best diving period from June to August, when the ocean is quiet, the waters hot and the view is high.

The temperature drops after the June storm and the rains. You will need a thin overcoat and trousers. Raincoats and non-slip footwear are also required as the road is damp and slick.

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