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Use the thumbnails to enlarge these weather maps: An overview of existing weather forecasting and warning infrastructures in Myanmar by. Display accurate wind, sea and tide forecasts for each GPS point. Adjust forecasts for each offshore location and save them for future use. Forecasting hurricane, typhoon and tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic, NW Pacific, SW Pacific and Indian Ocean.

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Modernising weather forecasting and contingency plans to protect life and limb

Many of us don't think much beyond these issues when we review the weather forecast on a common date. However, weather information is much more important than giving information about whether to use an sunshade or sun protection. This can help to cope with the impacts of climatic changes, avoid financial loss and rescue life when the weather is extrem.

It uses the latest forecast and communications technologies, in particular wireless communications, to warn people of dangerous weather outbreaks. David Rogers, a advisor working on the site, says the weather forecast was made by a tradition. We' re talking about what the weather will do today. "In 2015, flooding and mudslides from Cyclone Comen resulted in an expected decline in Myanmar's gross domestic product of 0.8 per cent in 2015-16 and wreaked havoc amounting to 3.1 per cent of the country's gross domestic product.

The IDA is supporting the 77 qualifying nations in tackling the challenge of tackling global warming by providing new approaches such as better weather information and forecasts, cyclone-resistant homes and alert schemes. Switching to advanced hydrometeorological and early alert facilities and other emergency response activities is cost-effective and will help to preserve life in Myanmar as in other states.

Bangladesh - where the most deadly hurricane in 1970 killing up to 300,000 lives - has become a role-playing example of catastrophe prevention. IDA supported the country's investment in the building and restoration of several hundred cycle bunkers, the remediation of slopes and the introduction of early warnings and hydro-met schemes to save 3 million lives in a hurricane in 2007.

We have also assisted India in building shelter, planning evacuation and conducting exercises to help them cope with severe weather conditions. In 2013, when Hurricane Phailin hit the Odisha coastline, more than 1 million lives were taken to accommodation or more secure facilities in recordspeed. Fewer than 40 persons lost their lives in the hurricane, a tragic decline in comparison to a similar starch hurricane in 1999, which claimed 10,000 lives.

The increasing burden of global warming raises concerns about the consequences of further catastrophes in low-income and beyond and we are working intensively on tackling global warming in the world' s most vulnerable states. We will pursue our drive to introduce new approaches - such as catastrophe insurances and cyclone-resistant homes - and alleviate the consequences of global warming by identifying new ways to use less power, manage with less hydrogen and chemical products and better seed, and cut CO2missions.

Over the next three years, with the help of our developing partner, IDA will also help nations to produce 5 GW of renewables - the same as the electricity produced by 35 million modules. While we know this is not enough, it is a good beginning to build on IDA's tried-and-tested carbon footprint.

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